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Nina Dobrev And Julianne Hough On Fresh Vine Wine’s New Sauvignon Blanc Exclusive Interview

Any day could be wine Wednesday if you try hard enough or in this case if you sign up for Fresh Vine Wines premium wine club Actresses Nina Dobrev best known for The Vampire Diaries and Julianne Hough seen on Dancing With the Stars found a niche in the wine business in 2019 that has since taken off Fresh Vine Wine features low calorie low sugar and low carb premium wines that are also gluten free Check check and check.

In an exclusive interview Dobrev and Hough opened up about the creation of their wine company their beloved friendship and whats next in their careers The power duo has garnered quite the fan base over their ten year friendship which has translated to the success of Fresh Vine Wine which became a public company on the New York Stock Exchange in 2021 Now the wine brand has launched a sixth varietal that is sure to make wine lovers swoon How about a petition to start Sauvignon Blanc Sundays Dobrev and Hough even gave some tips on how to enjoy the new Sauvignon Blanc no matter the day of the week.

Why Dobrev and Hough started Fresh Vine Wine
I would love to start with an overview of how you both garnered the idea and inspiration for Fresh Vine Wine Nina Dobrev We met when we were in our early 20s and we both had a lot of common interests and one of those common interests was that we really enjoyed laughing spending time together and sharing a glass of wine while we do that Upon taste testing so many different wines from all over the world and so many different countries and cities that we visited together we had the idea We found a gap in the market and thought Were health conscious people that like to prioritize our workouts and feeling good both internally and mentally.


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