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Nick Cave illuminates love and loss in a letter to a fan

Nick Cave is anything but a bad seed. The gloomy musician artist writer and actor who looks a bit like a vampire is in fact a romantic who takes relationships seriously be they with family or fans. This is evidenced in Caves recent response to a fans letter about her experience with the deaths of several loved ones. Unfortunately hes all too familiar with the subject. In 2015 one of Caves twin sons Arthur then 15 years old stumbled off a cliff in England after taking LSD and hallucinating. The fan from Vermont named Cynthia wrote to Cave that she lost her father sister and first love but feels they still communicate with her through dreams. Cynthia asked Cave if his son talks to him too. The query prompted a thoughtful response that illuminates love and loss.

Nick Cave is a master creative. The singer, songwriter, poet, and all-around innovator has been a mainstay of the industry for over 40 years now, and has remained one of the most prolific. Whether it be his work with post-punk heroes The Birthday Party to his most recent record with Warren Ellis, 2021’s Carnage, there is much to delve into in his extensive back catalogue, showing just how dextrous he is as an artist and how unrelenting his creativity is.

Aside from producing a constant flow of rivetting work, Cave is also one of the greatest personalities in music. Honest, and possessing a sharp perception, he is one of our most revered sages, and the wide berth of topics he has tackled on his website The Red Hand Files, attests to this. From the death of his sons to Love Island, Cave isn’t afraid of any subject, and this candour is what has really endeared him to fans for so long. Recently, when sitting down with The Talks, Cave discussed one of the most significant moments in his life and career, his move from Australia to the UK, and his reasons for doing so.

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