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New League of Legends Champion Leaks Ahead of Reveal

League of Legends next champion appears to have leaked ahead of schedule to reveal BelVeth a champion from the Void wholl fill the role of a jungler. The champion in question was revealed in a video shared by League YouTuber Ryscu who showed off the ingame model for the new character though we have not yet gotten to see any of her abilities. Riot Games hasnt officially revealed BelVeth just yet so its unclear if this is all accurate information or not but if leaks like these are appearing online its likely that well see an official reveal soon enough. The video showing off BelVeth can be seen below courtesy of Ryscu. The YouTuber has been putting out different videos over the past couple of days teasing BelVeth news by showing off first a splash art and then the appearance for the champion before Wednesdays in game reveal.

If the name itself was not a giveaway Bel Veth is most definitely a Void champion as past hints from the Champion Roadmaps have indicated. Her appearance features the signature purple and black looks other Void champions carry and as opposed to the more human like Kassadin and KaiSa champions BelVeth is more akin in appearance to other monstrous Void champs like VelKoz and KhaZix.

More interesting than that is the fact that shes shown in two different forms throughout the video. The one that appears to be her starting form retains some humanlike qualities since she apparently has a human head in that one but the YouTuber said she changes and ascends to her true form after using her ultimate ability. Thats presumably the one with the gold head and other gold accents on the model which itself looks more Voidlike afterwards.

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