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Netflix’s Resident Evil Is Making The Same Mistake The Milla Jovovich Movies Did

Netflix is Resident Evil is said to be a total reinvention of the game series and appears to be repeating a mistake from the Milla Jovovich movies Netflix is Resident Evil series appears to be making a key mistake the Milla Jovovich movies also made The early success of the Resident Evil games made a film adaptation feel inevitable with George A Romero being the first filmmaker attached The movie eventually went ahead under director Paul WS Anderson instead which cast Milla Jovovich as an original character named Alice The movie was a significant departure from the story line of the original game but it was a comfortable success.

Jovovich soon became the face of the Resident Evil movie franchise which was built around action and set pieces instead of scares The films are easily the most successful video game to movie adaptations to date with the Milla Jovovich era spanning six entries and a combined box office gross of over $12 billion The franchise later attempted a tonal reboot with 2021s Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City which cut the best monster that adapted the stories of the first two games and featured classic characters creatures and locations Despite this the reboot was a critical and commercial letdown.

The next live action outing for the franchise will be Netflix is Resident Evil TV series which is set to arrive in July 2022 Details about the show are relatively sparse though its known that Lance Reddick is playing classic villain Albert Wesker and the show will be split between two timelines The first is set in 2022 and follows Wesker and his two daughters Jade and Billie as they move to New Raccoon City while the second timeline is set in a post apocalyptic future where most of the planet has been overtaken by monsters That basic setup has little to no connection to the games and this seeming lack of reverence for the source material means the Netflix Resident Evil show might be making the same mistake as the Milla Jovovich Alice films.

While the second Jovovich film Resident Evil Apocalypse played like a loose adaptation of the third game Nemesis the films ultimately moved further and further away from the source material Many fans of the games were deeply disappointed with the films as they progressed for this reason In a similiar vein Netflixs Resident Evil is being pitched as a total reinvention of the franchise and on the surface outside of Wesker and the return of zombies and evil corporation Umbrella it appears to have little direct links to Capcoms titles In fact a post apocalyptic world filled with monsters brings it much closer to Jovovichera entires like Resident Evil Extinction.

Of course saying that Netflix is Resident Evil series is making a mistake going this route is up for debate While some devotees of the games disliked the direction the Resident Evil movies took the story and they received largely bad reviews they were undeniably popular with audiences and have the boxoffice receipts to prove that In contrast Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City was very faithful to Capcoms games and left both fans and audiences cold in the process The Jovovich movies created a distinct identity from the games so maybe Netflix is Resident Evil is right to chart a new course If it is trying something new hopefully it can avoid some of the other mistakes previous Resident Evil movies made in regards to thin characters and a cartoonish reliance on CGI too.

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