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Netflix Subscriber Disaster Explains Stranger Things Season 4 Split

Netflixs decision to split Stranger Things season 4 into two premiere dates can be explained by its subscriber loss. Since its inception as a streaming service in 2007 Netflix has successfully established itself as a reliable entertainment provider. However for the first time in a decade the platform has reported a loss in subscriber numbers. Aside from suggesting Netflixs inevitable decline this disaster can also arguably expound on major release dates including that of Stranger Things.

At the end of 2022s first quarter Netflix lost 200000 subscribers and while a general decrease in subscribers is typical in the streaming service world this net loss is a rare occurrence. Although it is mostly attributed to the suspension of service in Russia Netflixs subscriber disaster is also brought about by its content and operational strategies. As more competitions arise such as Disney+ Hulu and HBO Max Netflix is forced to rely on and create original shows and films. The problem with this approach however is as the subscription price increases the quality of content remains inconsistent and unimpressive urging customers to look elsewhere. Consequently when the huge subscriber loss was announced Netflixs stock also plummeted costing the company a significant amount of money in the process.

While the release model of Stranger Things season 4 which repeats a mistake previously committed by the show was already been revealed months ago Netflixs recent crisis can still shed light on this decision. Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of Netflixs biggest shows breaking viewership records in 2019. The three year delay in releasing the sci fi dramas season 4 has also generated more hype so it only makes sense for the streaming platform to stagger its episodes. By releasing Stranger Things season 4 in May and July Netflix can stretch the demand for the show into different quarters maintaining their subscription numbers and even encouraging growth.

As Netflix faces bleak circumstances in the near future it needs to wisely reconsider its steps especially considering how much money it has shelled out for Stranger Things season 4. Reportedly each Stranger Things season 4 episode has a budget of $30 million with the increase covering possible salary raises and production costs. The decision to release the season in two parts is a potential means of attracting more subscribers by withholding a show long awaited by millions. As a result this can probably make up for the over $200 million budget for the season and earn more revenue.Netflix prioritizing Stranger Things in their creative and operational decisions is understandable. After all the popularity brought by the retro themed science fiction mystery show has been a huge part of elevating Netflix into the streaming giant that it currently is. Hopefully the release of Stranger Things season 4 will not only ease this current subscriber disaster but also inspire change in the way Netflix operates.

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