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Netflix blows up Space Force

Netflix has canceled Greg Daniels and Steve Carells Space Force a TV show you definitely remembered was still on the air.

This is per Deadline which reports that the series which grew out of widespread mockery for Donald Trumps whole Space Force ramblings and then somehow John Malkovich got involved will not be picked up for a third season. The show ran for two seasons on the streaming service with the latter set of episodes allegedly arriving in February of this year although not even Netflixs typically suspicious Everyone in the world is watching our new show! numbers reporting seemed to measure that second run as much more than a blip.

Its just the latest data point really in our pet theory that Space Force was some sort of highlevel experiment to see how little an impact several of the funniest people in the world could have on the comedy landscape if they really truly tried. Look at this creative roster Greg Daniels. Steve Carell. Malkovich. Ben Schwartz. Tawny Newsome. Lisa Kudrow. Jimmy O. Yang. And thats just like main and recurring cast! The list just keeps going all amazing comic performers all somehow adding up to a show that was fascinatingly massively less than the sum of its parts.

Anyway Space Force has now been decommissioned like so many aimlessly floating and useless satellites; it will presumably crash back down to Earth once its orbit finally destabilizes maybe wiping out a Datsun when it does. Daniels at least remains a going concern at Netflix despite the general belttightening thats presumably been accompanying that disastrous earnings call earlier this month; hes currently attempting to eke an animated TV show out of the Exploding Kittens card game franchise of all things and also has that Bad Crimes show starring Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus in the works with his old King Of The Hill buddy Mike Judge.

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