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NC17 Marilyn Monroe Movie Has Something To Offend Everyone Says Director

Ana de Armas NC17 rated Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde has something in it to offend everyone according to writer/director Andrew Dominik.

The upcoming Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde has something that will offend everyone according to director Andrew Dominik. The acclaimed filmmaker is known for writing and directing The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Killing Them Softly both of which star Brad Pitt. Dominik is now heading in a slightly different direction for his fourth feature film with a fictionalized biopic of Marilyn Monroe the iconic actress and sex symbol famous for playing comedic blonde bombshell characters throughout the 1950s before her tragic death in 1962.

No Time to Die star Ana de Armas leads the cast of Blonde as Norma Jean/Marilyn Monroe. Bobby Cannavale stars as the legendary New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio Monroes second husband Adrien Brody as the Pulitzer Prizewinning playwright Arthur Miller her third husband and Caspar Phillipson as President John F. Kennedy whom the actress has a lengthy history with. Blonde made history as the first Netflix original film to receive a NC17 rating and now its writer and director is opening up about what to expect from the explicit biopic.

In an interview with Vulture Dominik responded to Blondes NC17 rating saying he was surprised by it. However the director ultimately thinks the rating is befitting as the biopic is an unflinching portrait of Monroes life and struggles rather than a watereddown version. Additionally Dominik describes Blonde as a film that swims in very ambiguous waters and has something in it to offend everyone. Read his full comment below

Its an interesting time for Blonde to come out. If it had come out a few years ago it would have come out right when Me Too hit and it would have been an expression of all that stuff. Were in a time now I think where people are really uncertain about where any lines are. Its a film that definitely has a morality about it. But it swims in very ambiguous waters because I dont think it will be as cutanddried as people want to see it. Theres something in it to offend everyone.

Dominik adapted Blonde from the Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name which provides an account of Monroes private life that the author admits is purely fictional and should not be regarded as a factual biography. Thus this gave the Blonde filmmaker plenty of creative license when crafting the fictionalized biopic. For the crux of the story Dominik opted to focus on Monroes childhood as an orphan and how being an unwanted child shaped her during her later years as a celebrity which she ultimately struggled to handle.

Based on Dominiks comment it seems Blondes most offensive elements may pertain to its depiction of sexual behavior in Hollywood during the 1950s. These scenes may be judged more harshly or received differently by modern audiences when seen through the lens of the #MeToo era. Regardless it will certainly be interesting to see what potentially offensive scenes Blonde features and how audiences will react to de Armas portrayal of the beloved icon.

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