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Naruto’s Ultimate Anti-Tailed Beast Jutsu is Secretly Genius

One of the best parts of Narutos worldbuilding is the tailed beasts. There are nine of them in total and each one of them is a force of nature to be reckoned with. They are so powerful that the five nations sought after them to use as weapons of war and thus the Jinchuuriki such as Naruto himself were created establishing a major part in the plot of the Naruto series. It is well known that wood style jutsu is the perfect counter to the tailed beasts power and the reason for it is genius.

Wood style jutsu is the kekkei genkai of Narutos legendary first Hokage Hashirama Senju and he is also the only person who could use it naturally. Every other user of wood style could only use it after being implanted with Hashiramas cells such as Madara Yamato and Danzo but they were nowhere near as proficient with it. On several occasions throughout Naruto wood style has been used to suppress the power of Naruto and the other Jinchuuriki.Despite it happening several times the reason for wood styles effectiveness against tailed beasts has never quite been clear. But a careful reread of Naruto Chapter 505 reveals the answer. This chapter takes place after Naruto meets Kushina and obtains the Nine Tails Chakra Mode. The wood pillars that Yamato created as a safety net around Naruto sprout saplings that quickly grow into small trees and its explained that this is due to Narutos new power up radiating life force energy.

This is what makes wood style so proficient at taking down tailed beasts. Wood style itself is a type of life that is created from the users chakra and as tailed beasts themselves are massive bundles of chakra and life energy their very existence is enough to strengthen ones wood style. Its the same concept as an arbor knot a knot that tightens when pulled upon. When a tailed beast is bound with wood style they exert energy to try and escape but this resistance only strengthens the wood binding them. To put it simply wood style is the tailed beasts kryptonite.Tailed beasts might be one of the strongest forces of nature and chakra in Naruto but as Itachi Uchiha once said every jutsu has a weakness and the tailed beasts are no different. If they werent constantly emitting life energy then wood style wouldnt be regarded as the legendary yet underrated jutsu it is.

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