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Naruto Reveals Boruto’s Summer Episode Titles

Despite telling tales that were never told in its manga Boruto Naruto Next Generations recently killed a major character in the world of the shonen series. With the son of the Seventh releasing his Karma once again in the television series it seems that a new batch of episode titles hint at where the original story is headed for the month of May as Boruto has seemingly lost one of his closest friends in his latest mission.

When it comes to filler in the world of Masashi Kishimotos Shonen franchise there are definitely examples of some notorious story arcs that have come before. With the original anime stories sometimes seeing wild beats introduced such as a ninja ostrich and a robotic version of Naruto being created by the villain Orochimaru the current storyline is focused far more on a serious battle in which Team 7 has left the Hidden Leaf in order to help their friends that live within the Mist though it seems as though their friend Kagure might have fallen before the new threat to the ninja world.Using Karma is a serious monkeys paw situation for the son of the Seventh as Boruto gains a serious power boost in doing so but also greatly increases the possibility of Momoshiki one of the most powerful members of the Otsutsuki overtaking his body. With the Kara Organization making Karma a major foundation of their plans in stealing all the chakra from the world the relationship that Boruto has with the energy continues to evolve over time but could potentially still mean serious trouble for his allies.

In the manga the battle with the Kara Organization continues as the villainous Code has taken over the reins from his deceased master Jigen looking to avenge his mentors death while also continuing the goal of the alien ninjas that are seeking to extend their immortality via absorbing all the chakra they can find.What do you think the future holds for Boruto and his friends based on these episode titles? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics anime and the world of the Hidden Leaf Village.

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