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Naruto Promo Sets Up Shikamaru’s Life-or-Death Bet

The latest chapter of Boruto Naruto Next Generations gave us some interesting quiet moments for Team 7 but it also continued Codes attack on the Hidden Leaf Village as the Kara Organization seeks to fulfill the goals of the Otsutsuki and get revenge for the death of Jigen. With Amado and Shikamaru now struggling against Kara thanks to the arrival of Eida even with the resurrected Delta on Konohas side a preview of the next chapter of the manga series is hinting that Narutos right hand man is getting ready to put everything on the line.

Shikamarus strength has never quite been from his jutsu though his control of the shadows has definitely helped him out in quite a few battles over the decades of stories arriving from the Ninja World. What Shikamaru has primarily been known for during his ninja career is his mind with the shadow wielding warrior becoming one of the first ninjas of Narutos class to become a Chunin during the earlier days of the Shonen franchise. While Shikamaru hasnt spent his adult years on the frontlines for the most part things have changed recently as he has accompanied the Seventh Hokage on a number of fights against Code and the Kara Organization though now Shikamaru is on his own.

In a preview for Chapter 70 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations it seems that Shikamaru is set to lay everything on the line with many fans wondering if this will finally be the battle that spells doom for the long running ninja of Konoha after a number of close shaves throughout the sequel seriesThere is a dilemma… at the mercy of Adas ability what is the strategy that Shikamaru intends to use?Currently in Borutos anime Shikamaru is safe and sound thanks to not being a part of the current journey of Team 7 with Boruto and his friends fighting away from Konoha and the Kara Organization still sticking to the shadows following the death of Jigen. Needless to say it might be quite some time before we see the current events of the manga play out on the small screen.

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