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MultiVersus release date, price, formats, characters, and more

MultiVersus is an upcoming platform fighter with a difference delivering fisticuffs between characters from a wide range of Warner Bros. properties. If you ever wanted to know who would win in a fight between Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and Finn The Human from Adventure Time or if Arya Stark is a more proficient assassin than Harley Quinn then you ll soon be able to put those theories to the test. To discover when its coming out how much it ll cost what formats you can play it on whos on the roster and more heres everything we know about MultiVersus so far.

Currently there is a MultiVersus closed alpha running which is due to conclude at the end of May 2022. Thats restricted just to players who have received an invite but the good news for everyone else is that they dont have much longer to wait as the MultiVersus release window has been set for July 2022. We dont have an exact date within that month yet but we do know that’s when the open beta launches meaning that anyone will be able to download and play the game. Much like Fortnite its likely that MultiVersus will remain in open beta for a while before graduating to a full release.

More good news is that MultiVersus will be free to play so theres no cost involved with jumping in and giving it a go once it releases. As with most F2P games there will be in game purchases available but no details have been given yet about what form those will take. The developers have confirmed there will be upcoming content filled seasons for players to enjoy suggesting a season pass system may be implemented that could unlock characters outfits and more.

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