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MotherAndroid Chloë Grace Moretz Brings Joy to the Robot Apocalypse

Mother Android star Chloë Grace Moretz breaks down the science fiction thrills and challenges that came with filming Hulus latest original film. Raúl Castillo and Chloë Grace Moretz in Mother Android Hulus sciencefiction film Mother Android hits the small screen this December. The latest Hulu original film opens with young couple Georgia (Chloe Grace Moretz and boyfriend Sam Algee Smith attending a Christmas party. The celebration is interrupted when Georgia discovers shes pregnant leading to Sam proposing. However the shocks keep coming when the robotic servants at the party lash out slaughtering guests. Sam and Georgia manage to escape only to realize its not an isolated incident and robots are taking over the world.

Nine months later Sam and a pregnant Georgia trek through the woods on their way to Boston where they hope to hitch a boat ride to an androids free Asia. But a chance encounter with survivalist Arthur (Raul Castillo might spell something else for the pair. Moretz recently spoke with CBR about her starring role in Mother Android and her views on technology. CBR What about this dystopian setting makes it a great vehicle for storytelling Chloë Grace Moretz What I really loved about director screen writer Mattson Tomlin and Pat Scola our amazing cinematographer is that they really wanted it to feel vibrant. In a lot of ways they didnt want to fall into the cold barren side of a dystopian or apocalyptic setting. There was an interesting juxtaposition between life and death that was constantly surrounding the film and the future of humanity with Georgia being nine months pregnant. It was very interesting to deal with those certain ideals that were incredibly present every day and to also find the levity within the darkest moments. What is so true about everyday life I find is when you go through some of the hardest things you were going through its also the time you laugh the most. You find the little things to smile about. To have those roller coasters of emotions going through Sam and Georgias relationship was something we wanted to have acted out like a play.

Georgia has this baby bump throughout the movie. Can you talk about pulling that off and filming those sequences on location I carried a 21pound baby belly around that was attached to a corset. It really allowed the physicality to fall into place in a way that I hoped it would. The fact that the corset allowed a restriction to the rib cage so I could not get full deep breaths of air in I think added to the reality of what it would be like to be nine months pregnant and trekking across the mountains of Massachusetts.

Chloë Grace Moretz and Algee Smith in Mother Android
How challenging was it shooting in a wheelchair doing that big climactic sequence against the androids I wanted that to feel realistic. Not to give too much away but there was a circumcision without pain medication. You would be in immense pain from that not to mention the staples that they would have used. Not to share too much again but you are trying to get yourself to a safe place to help the future of humanity. We wanted that to feel palpable and to feel messy and for it not to feel like a movie. We wanted it to feel sloppy. We wanted it to feel feral. Obviously this movie punctuates our fear of technology. What is your relationship with technology How worried should society be about where we are heading

With the most recent videos of the most advanced robot we currently have a female robot that has a millisecond reaction rate and breathing was very interesting. There are not many ways that ends well for humanity. The closer we get to consciousness for machines is probably the nearer we get to the fate of the human race in a lot of ways not to get dark about it. I have a relationship with technology in the way that I was born in the late 9s so I remember a time without iPhones and stuff like that. Then I remember a time when the iPhone became the most important thing. I find that people even two years younger than me have a very different perspective on technology. Its one of those things where I want to stay abreast of everything. I love gaming. I love that type of stuff but theres a level where I think it goes too far. Theres not really any stopping it at this point. So to not educate myself on it feels like Ahhh. I dont want to be in a position where Im completely lost. Its a catch22.

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