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Moon Knight Provides the Perfect Enemy for a Defenders Revival

Moon Knights postcredits scene introduces an excellent enemy for The Defenders if Marvel decides to revive the superteam with a new Disney+ series.

The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 6 Gods and Monsters now available on Disney+. Moon Knight introduced several new characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe particularly in its final episode. Gods & Monsters featured the debut of the Scarlet Scarab and finally confirmed the existence of Jake Lockley after several episodes of waiting. The latter arrived in a postcredits scene that established him as one of the MCUs more violent characters shocking viewers who didnt expect such a dark twist.

Jake was seen driving Khonshus limousine before putting a bullet in the head of Arthur Harrow ending Harrows life as well as that of Khonshus rival Ammit. The scene left fans curious about what it meant but theyre poised to be left in the dark because despite having big plans for Jake there wont be a second season. However Jake Lockleys introduction could provide the perfect opportunity for Disney+ to reboot The Defenders because hed make the perfect villain for them to defeat.

Fans were disappointed when Marvel quashed Netflixs Defenders shows because the characters Daredevil Jessica Jones Luke Cage and Iron Fist had found their footing and some of the series ended on cliffhangers left unresolved. Jake Lockley as Khonshus Fist of Vengeance could head to New York in a grittier story seeing the Defenders as potential threats since Khonshu has shown a willingness to break all the rules to achieve whatever he wants for himself.

Luke Cage became Harlems kingpin at the end of his show so its easy to envision Jake wanting him dead as part of a vigilante campaign. Daredevil could be viewed as problematic since trouble followed him around most notably in the form of Kingpin. Danny Rand could return from his journey trying to understand the Iron Fist once he finds out about Jakes path of violence. As for Jessica Jones her past experience with mind control means she could help Marc Spector/Steven Grant try to break free from Khonshu for good something the god would definitely not appreciate.

Pitting the Defenders against Jake Lockley for a seasonlong arc would be an incredible spectacle. Jakes a brilliant grounded soldier and could even potentially harness the power of Moon Knights white suit to force the Defenders to unite against him. The Defenders previously had to stop the Hand in Midland Circle from their own supernatural project to cleanse and control the planet so a mystical storyline would not be out of the ordinary.

Khonshu and Jake Lockley are a dangerous threat with possibly apocalyptic consequences. A brawl between them and the Defenders would prove Marvel Studios can incorporate old and new properties into one cohesive plan moving forward. Such a Defenders reboot would bring back characters that audiences want to see more of subvert the comics in a way that feels right with the established TV universe and create another big MCU event that Disney+ could use to lure in more subscribers.

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