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Modern Family: Haley And Dylan’s Relationship Timeline, Season By Season

Dylan Marshall and Haley Dunphy have a long relationship on Modern Family full of romantic moments a few break ups and a surprising pregnancy. The characters get married young and know that they can continue to grow up together and get through any storm that passes through their lives.From season 1 when Haley and Dylan realize that sparks are flying between them to the many times that they break each others hearts and then want to date again its always moving thinking about Haley and Dylans sweet Modern Family love story.

11 Season 1 Haley And Dylan Fall In Love As Teenagers

While Haley has several Modern Family love interests she dates Dylan for the longest time and everything begins in season 1 when they meet in high school. Haley rebels a bit against her family during this time as her feelings for Dylan are too strong to ignore and she wants to feel more independent.Haley wants to go to a concert with Dylan which upsets Claire. While Haley might seem a little immature during this season she does begin to think about what she wants and she starts separating from her parents.

10 Season 2 Claire Doesnt Support Haley And Dylans Relationship

In season 2 Haley and Dylans relationship is still going strong but while Phil thinks that Dylan is cool as he reminds him of his youth Claire is unsupportive and a little unfair.One of the most memorable episodes is Chirp when Claire and Haley are sick and Claire wants Haley to date David instead. Its tough for Haley that her mom doesnt understand her love for Dylan and while its unclear whether this couple will go the distance fans can tell that Haley and Dylan do have something special.

9 Season 3 Haley And Dylan Start Dating Again

Its interesting that Dylan and Haley get married near the end of the series because Dylan asks Haley to be his wife after they randomly bump into each other at Disneyland in season 3. Haley doesnt feel ready for this and Claire doesnt think that its a good idea either.Haley and Dylan start seeing each other again this season which suggests to fans that while theyre still young and might split up a few more times its likely that they will end up together. Haley and Dylans ditzy personalities work so well.

8 Season 4 Haleys College Plans Dont Work Out

Haley makes a lot of mistakes on Modern Family including getting arrested in season 4 and leaving college. During this time in her life she wants to be young have fun and enjoy herself no matter what.While Haley and Dylan could have settled down together in season 3 if Haley had said yes to him Haley doesnt want to commit or have any ties. She wants to be free and she does just that which worries her parents as she doesnt seem to know what she wants to do with her life.

7 Season 5 Haley Feels Totally Lost

In season 5 Haley seems lost and a bit troubled and she meets Andy who she has a huge crush on almost immediately.Andy is more practical and successful than Haley and he seems to have his life together more than Dylan which makes him a fascinating love interest for Haley. The two dance around one another and flirt a lot and while fans can tell that they have chemistry Andy is serious about his girlfriend Beth.

6 Season 6 Haley Seriously Considers Dating Andy

Fans debate Andy and Dylan as Haleys Modern Family love interests and in season 6 Dylan seems pretty far from Haleys mind. She realizes that she feels strongly that Andy could be her one true love but its tough that hes in love with Beth.Haley isnt ready to be with Dylan forever at this point on the show and shes focused on Andy wondering if there could ever be a chance for them.

5 Season 7 Haley Gets Back Together With Dylan For The Wrong Reason

In the season 7 premiere Summer Lovin Andy asks Beth to marry him. Haley doesnt want to be alone and feels badly about this rejection so she gets back together with Dylan but viewers can tell that this situation is too upsetting and messy. Things get even more complex when Dylan lives in the Dunphy home.Haleys love life becomes full of drama in the episode Phils Sexy Sexy House when Haley and Andy kiss suggesting that Haley has to carefully think about her feelings and who she really wants to be with. It doesnt feel right to date Dylan as she cant stop thinking about Andy.

4 Season 8 Haley Moves On From Dylan With Rainer

Rainer Shine is a funny Modern Family side character and Haley forgets about Dylan in season 8 as she dates Rainer who is much older than her. Haley knows that she shouldnt marry Rainer which leaves the door open for Haley to realize that she really loves Dylan something that many fans have been waiting to see.Rainer is so different from Dylan as hes conceited and convinced that hes always right whereas Dylan thinks more about Haley than himself which is one reason why Haley and Dylan are a good match.

3 Season 9 Haley Dates Arvin But The Relationship Doesnt Feel Right

Haley and Arvins season 9 relationship is interesting and sweet and not without insecurities on both sides. Haley doesnt feel smart enough for Arvin and he doesnt think that hes cool enough for her.When fans observe Haley in a relationship with someone other than Dylan it becomes clear that Haley and Dylan have an easy and natural connection and they can really be themselves around each other.

2 Season 10 Haley And Dylan Realize Theyre Meant To Be

Although Dylan doesnt seem smart at times on Modern Family hes intelligent enough to know that Haley is the one for him and viewers know that he has felt this way since season 1.In season 10 fans who ship this couple get their happy ending as Dylan and Haley sleep together find out that theyre pregnant and decide that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Haley proposes which is one of the most romantic moments on the sitcom and theyre excited and nervous for the next stage.

1 Season 11 Haley And Dylan Navigate Newborn Life

Haley and Dylan love raising their twins Poppy and George who become the focal point of season 11 as Claire Phil Alex and Luke step in to help as much as they can.The whole Dunphy family learns how to navigate this new situation and fans see Haley and Dylans love for one another grow stronger as they get used to being parents of newborns. Each new problem from getting the twins to sleep to having time to themselves is something that they work through together.

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