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Modern Family: 10 Most Cringeworthy Parts, According To Reddit

Despite the countless heartwarming storylines on Modern Family and how well fans feel that they know each character after 11 seasons there are some moments episodes and quotes that have made fans cringe. There are some ongoing plotlines that feel tough to watch along with some smaller scenes that fans think are frustrating and unnecessary.While fans will always love the sweet and caring characters on this sitcom and there are many hilarious plotlines and moving moments of change Reddit users are talking about the parts of Modern Family that make them cringe.

10 Alex Dates A Younger Character

One Redditor doesnt like The huge age gaps in relationships including when Alex is in college and she is in a relationship with Reuben who is still in high school.Some Reddit fans also brought up other age differences on the show including when Haley and Rainer date and when in the season 10 episode Yes Woman fans learn that Luke has a much older partner as well.

9 When The Characters Celebrate Valentines Day

While Modern Family has great Christmas episodes many fans dislike the episodes that focus on February 14th.Reddit user JustJohn8 cringes at Any Valentines Day episode and one Redditor agreed so uncomfortable. Fans find it cringeworthy when Phil and Claire pretend to be Clive Bixby and Julianna every Valentines Day. While viewers love seeing how much the couple loves each other this can be a bit much to watch.

8 Gloria Pretends That Javier Isnt Mannys Dad

Reddit user sgu_ doesnt like when Gloria makes Manny believe that someone who she used to date could have been Mannys dad.The season 9 episode Daddy Issues is definitely tough to watch. Gloria invites Jorge her ex boyfriend over and when everyone thinks that he looks and acts like Manny she suggests that he could be Mannys father instead of Javier. This is a horrible prank to pull on Manny who is genuinely upset.

7 Claires Behavior When Gloria Is Pregnant

There are many reasons why Claire and Gloria dislike each other on Modern Family and Claire is especially harsh when Gloria is pregnant with Joe.Reddit user darksheep01 doesnt like Claire being obsessed with the fact that Gloria is gaining weight during her pregnancy. This is mean of Claire as she feels better about herself during this time and viewers wish that Claire would be compassionate instead.

6 Manny Having A Crush On Haley

For many Modern Family fans its a problem that Manny often talks about having romantic feelings for his relatives.Reddit user TheSecretCorgi doesnt like Manny having crushes on family members and mentioned that its especially strange when Manny is a teenager who says that he likes Haley. The fan also brought up the scene when Manny accidentally kisses Haley.

5 Joe Sounds Much Older Than He Is

Reddit user over the fence thinks that Joe is an unrealistic character and said Joe has a personality that is too sophisticated for a young child.Although its sweet seeing Gloria and Jay become parents to Joe many viewers would likely agree that some of Joes quotes dont seem like something a kid would actually say. One particularly strange scene is when Joe is talking about Dylans social media account and says that Dylan finds beauty in the mundane.

4 When Pam Tries To Blackmail Mitch

Pam isnt generally considered a Modern Family fan favorite character and several viewers find her to be frustrating especially when dealing with Mitch.Reddit user OfJahaerys thinks its cringeworthy when Pam blackmails Mitch and said that this character is manipulative and awful to Mitchell and Cam. The fan mentioned that Mitch and Cam take care of Pams son Cal and that she should be more appreciative.

3 Phil Liking Gloria

While Phil and Gloria are both favorite and popular characters there are many moments when they interact that fans would rather not be included in the sitcom. Reddit user cat doesnt like when Every scene where Phil is inappropriate towards Gloria.This is something that many fans have noticed as Phil does seem like he likes Gloria in countless scenes. It doesnt feel like this is necessary and its definitely not funny.

2 A Spider Gets Into Gloria And Jays House

Sometimes Gloria tells stories on Modern Family that feel intense and other times Glorias storylines are over the top.Reddit user C0wmilkk doesnt like when in the season 10 episode Stuck In A Moment gloria receives a package from colombia and its got the banana spider living inside. This does seem like a storyline that comes out of nowhere and it doesnt feel necessary or realistic.

1 The Odd Bike Storyline

Reddit user justwantedtono mentioned that its cringeworthy when Phil lies to Claire about the bike stolen from Luke.In the season 1 episode The Bicycle Thief Jay says that Luke has a girly bike which is problematic and cringeworthy and Luke thinks that someone has stolen Lukes new bike. The storyline also involves Phil crushing on a neighbor named Desiree and these scenes are tough to watch as well.

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