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Minions The Rise of Gru The Rise Of Gru Takes Over The Con 2022 Updates – Lee Daily Benjamin Johnson

Who doesnt love minions The legendary films of the Despicable Me franchise have made the viewers fans of these cute yellow creatures. And their boss Gru will remain an icon in the eyes of these minions forever. Minions the Rise of Gru is the much-awaited prequel to the Despicable Me franchise. First we had the first solo movie Minions. But fans wanted to dig deeper into the life of Bru and so Illumination Animations has fulfilled your wishes. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pre-sale and Other Details Christina Milian Net Worth 2022 Salary Family And All We Know

Minions The Rise Of Gru Release Date

The film has currently been delayed for almost 2 years. Originally it was supposed to release on 3rd July 2020. But as covid has closed the theatres for a temporary period the film was pushed back to 2nd July 2021 and now finally it will be released on 1st July 2022. And the craze of the film is pretty evident as seen in the Cinema Con 2022. Time to show the world whos mini boss. Minions The Rise of Gru. In theaters this July. pic.twitter.comeuK6Zyyckl

What Happened In CinemaCon 2022 With Minions The Rise Of Gru Takeover

People have been flooding the hall of the CinemaCon 2022 with numerous posters of the upcoming film Minions the Rise of Gru. Numerous standees were there in support of the film. Though many initially thought that the release of a high-profile film like this may be risky during the times of Covid. But the Minion supporters are clearly beyond excited. The foosball table featured Minion players and Gru goalie but it was always occupied by the excited fans who cannot wait to watch the film.

This is a global event where attendees from over 80 different countries participate. Continuing its legacy that started in 2011 this time CinemaCon was held at Caesars Palace. The event was scheduled from 25th April to 28th April 2022 and it turned out to be one of the biggest events to date. However it was the Minions the Rise of Gru that had the greatest number of fans and undoubtedly thats clearly visible.

The description from the CinemaCon read as

Since taking its first step in 2011 CinemaCon has evolved and grown to become the largest and most important gathering for the worldwide motion picture theater industry. CinemaCon is truly a global event attracting attendees from more than 80 countries. From exclusive Hollywood product presentations debuting a slate of upcoming films to must-see premiere feature screenings to the biggest stars producers and directors CinemaCon will jumpstart the excitement and buzz that surrounds the holiday season and beyond at the box office.

The event was quite a success and fans are beyond excited to finally get the cult favorite film.
What Is Minions Ohe Rise Of Gru about We already mentioned that it is a prequel. However it can also be considered as the sequel to the 2015 film Minions. The story is about young 12-years-old Gru and is set in the timeframe of the 1970s. Gru has always been a superfan of the supervillain group Vicious 6 and he dreamt to be a part of that group after successfully becoming highly evil. But Vicious 6 soon fired their leader the iconic Wild Knuckles who is a fighter and it was his chance to interview to become one of the members of the group.

As a matter of fact things didnt go as planned and later Gru plans on stealing a precious stone that belonged to the Vicious 6 group. Our favorite minions Stuart Bob Kevin and Otto along with other minions aid him. Soon Gru gets his mortal enemy and even Wild Knuckles will come onboard to help Gru.

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