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Mila Kunis Thinks Filming Friends With Benefits Was Just Wrong

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake star in the 2011 romcom Friends With Benefits. And although Kunis enjoyed working with Timberlake she says that filming the sex scenes in the movie was pretty uncomfortable. The way those scenes were shot Kunis says was just wrong. Friends with Benefits premiere at Ziegfeld Theater on July 18 2011 in New York City Taylor HillFilmMagic

Mila Kunis didnt like the Friends With Benefits script at first According to the talented actor she had a hard time getting into the script when she first read it. She claims the original script was really dated yet fortunately she had a conversation with the director and helped alter the script so it was more modern. When I got the script it was very dated but I knew it made for a funny movie so I took a meeting with [director] Will Gluck she told Stylist via Yahoo! News. Will Justin and I went out to dinner and thats when we realized we wanted the same thing for the movie. We were able to workshop it rewrite the script and tailor the characters to what we feel our generation is like now.

Mila Kunis was uncomfortable filming the sex scenes in Friends with Benefits According to Kunis filming Friends with Benefits could get pretty uncomfortable at times considering the unnatural nature of filming a sex scene. A moment that is supposed to be so intimate in real life is totally different when youre on a film set because according to Kunis youre surrounded by crewmen who are seeing parts of you that you dont want to them to see. She said according to The Huffington Post we got to have very uncomfortable scenes for two weeks. Theres like 150 crewmen watching and you see each others bits and pieces she said. The whole thing is just wrong.

I didnt have any problem with Justin taking his clothes off she told The Daily Telegraph. But Im incredibly insecure about my figure in my private life let alone in front of 50 crew members. There was a lot of insecurity. There were awkward moments but the great thing was that Justin and I were friends so at least I was with someone I knew who was also uncomfortable. Two weeks in you become a little less concerned but youre still uncomfortable said Kunis. Theres a lot of people seeing parts of you that dont necessarily want to be seen. The That 70s Show star says there is no comfort whatsoever while filming intimate scenes

Kunis has been in a handful of steamy scenes throughout her career from Black Swan to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And while these moments usually add some heat to the films theyre not as fun to make as they are to watch. Even if she is good friends with her costar she feels very uncomfortable while filming these scenes. According to Kunis Its hard to have a sex scene period she said via Maxim. It doesnt matter if its a friend a male a female. Youre with 100something crew members lighting you repositioning you. Theres no comfort whatsoever.

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