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Michael Jackson let guards bludgeon rabbits and chuck them to alligators

HEARTLESS Michael Jackson would let his guards bludgeon bunnies to death before chucking them to his alligators in front of terrified kids the stars maid has revealed.
The King of Pop also allowed his child pals to hurl huge rocks at his terrified lion Kimber let his elephants be chained by their legs in tiny enclosures  and even encouraged visitors to pet his giraffes even though the animals had previously attacked an adult and a youngster she said. Adrian McManus 60 who used to be one of Jackos personal maids said it still breaks her heart to think about how the singers animals were treated at his Neverland zoo. It comes after The Sun revealed how Jackson delighted in watching his kids run riot attacking kids and staff.

In one sickening incident McManus said she witnessed guards grab a live bunny smash its heads on some rocks then throw it to Jacksons collection of alligators.
Michael had a pool built with a secure fence where he housed around four or five alligators she said. They were huge creatures about six feet long. The only people ever allowed in were the handlers but Michael liked to look over the fence to see them being fed. During one lunch break I was down there with some of the maids just looking at the animals. One of Michaels bodyguards not an animal handler just walked into the gated area carrying a big white rabbit. I thought I was going to vomit but instead I burst into tears. Adrian McManus Jacksons former maid

On the edge of the pond the guard flipped the rabbit upside down and pummeled its head into the cement. Blood splattered everywhere and then he threw it to the gators. It utterly shocked me to the point where I thought I was going to vomit but instead I burst into tears. I ran away from that fence immediately and jumped on a golf cart and headed back to the main house. It took me days to get over it. Those guys carried guns frightened many of us and we were afraid of them. McManus who was the stars maid from 19901994 said it soon became a regular occurrence and that the twisted ritual would sometimes be carried out in front of Jacksons terrified child pals.

This became quite common with different staff doing similar killings she said.
And it got to a point where Michael heard about this new ritual probably because some of the kids and maids were upset. I was told Michael told the guards Dont be doing that when the kids come around. But it was too late because some of the children had already seen them do that. It was not a warning to not behave so despicably but simply an order to not upset the kids. A member of the security team told me that some of the bodyguards were doing the same with rabbits and rats to feed the snakes. The treatment was cruel and inhumane. McManus also recalls how the elephants giraffes and lion were badly treated too.


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