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Mel Gibson officially becomes Nicolas Cage, 10th action thriller in 2 years coming this fall

With Nicolas Cage having left the darkest days of his VOD stint behind in order to focus on the most unique and exciting projects that come his way which has gifted us the likes of Prisoners of the Ghostland Pig and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent a gap has opened up for another Oscar winning former A-lister to step in and take his place. By the look of it that role has fallen to Mel Gibson.Of course Cage doesnt incite backlash and controversy quite like the Lethal Weapon star and Braveheart director who continues to be more prolific now than at any other stage of his lengthy time in the spotlight. To prove that point even further Deadline reports that On the Line has been picked up by Saban Films for distribution this fall which marks Gibson’s 1th genre film appearance in under three years.

Since Force of Nature landed to little fanfare in June 22 the 66 year-old has shown up in Fatman Boss Level Dangerous Last Looks Panama and Agent Game with Hot Seat and Bandit both on the way and that’s without even counting biographical drama Father Stu or John Wick prequel series The Continental.The plot follows Gibson’s radio host who finds himself being accosted by an angry caller while on the air. When his family is threatened he’s drawn into a guessing game that requires him to root out the identity of the culprit before it’s too late. It sounds like one for the diehards only then but the veteran actor and filmmaker is going to keep knocking them out regardless.


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