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Meet the New Hampshire Native Behind TV Shows Resident Alien & Family Guy

Gilford New Hampshire has been in the news quite a bit lately So it would come as no surprise if residents missed the news that a native just scored a major pickup in the world of television Chris Sheridan who grew up splitting time between Gilford and Connecticut is the creator and executive producer for the acclaimed SyFy series Resident Alien Based on the comic book series of the same name the show follows the misadventures of an alien who crashes to earth and assumes the identity of a small town doctor.

While many shows have struggled to secure pickups during the pandemic Resident Alien was recently handed a Season 3 renewal Given Sheridan is track record in the comedy world this should come as no surprise Prior to his time working with SyFy he was a writer and executive producer for Family Guy eventually serving as show runner for several seasons You may also recognize his voice as the wealthy and dentally challenged James Bottom tooth.

Sheridan is affinity for the extraterrestrial is understandable as he says he saw a UFO on his honeymoon We were walking on the beach and we both saw this dot on the horizon rising up — you can see every star in the sky because its the Bahamas and we both noticed this one star moving up and we stopped and looked at it he said at a 2020 press junket In two seconds the thing was over us It was triangular and it had like six circular lights on the bottom of it It slowly went over us and it had this light sweeping the beach She tried to run and I grabbed her You know a take her first kind of thing.

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