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Matt Smith Questions House of the Dragon Sex Scenes: I Have ‘Slightly Too Much, if You Ask Me’

How numerous coitus scenes is too numerous coitus scenes Its a question Matt Smith set up himself asking during the timber of House of the Dragon HBO is forthcoming Game of Thrones prequel series The Doctor Who expert stars as Daemon Targaryen the hot headed heir at law plausible to the Iron Throne and the youngish family of King Viserys Game of Thrones was ignominious for its graphic coitus scenes and it seems House of the Dragon will follow suit.

You do find yourself asking Do we need another coitus scene Smith lately told Rolling Stone UK And they re like Yeah we do I guess you have to ask yourself What are you doing Are you representing the books or are you lacing the books to represent the time we re living in And I actually suppose its your job to represent the books actually and actually as they were written When asked if hes featured in some of the shows coitus scenes Smith replied Yeah slightly too important if you ask me.

While House of the Dragon will still feature coitus scenes itll not include graphic delineations of sexual violence pen and superintendent patron Sara Hess told Vanity Fair before this month This is a far cry from Game of Thrones which routinely displayed sexual violence utmost notoriously in a fifth season occasion in which Sansa Stark Sophie Turner is ravished on her marriage night I d like to clarify that we dont depict sexual violence in the show Hess told Vanity Fair We handle one case off screen and rather show the fate and impact on the victim and the mama of the perpetrator I suppose what our show does and what I m proud of is that we choose to concentrate on the violence against women thats essential in a patriarchal system Hess added noting that House of the Dragon will showcase violence against women that is not rigorously sexual House of the Dragon debuts Aug 21 on HBO.

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