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Margot Robbies Barbie Movie Has Cast Will Ferrell In What Sounds Like The Perfect Role

I cant wait to see what Will Ferrell does as this character. Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2
Image credit Paramount Pictures After Amy Schumer exited the Barbie movie in 2017 due to creative differences the upcoming movie based on the famous toyline moved from Sony Pictures to Warner Bros. Pictures a year later. When summer 2019 rolled around The Suicide Squads Margot Robbie was confirmed to be the new cinematic Barbie and over the last several months we have been learning who will be joining her in the main cast. The latest addition to the lineup is Will Ferrell and his reported role sounds like its a perfect fit for him.

Officially speaking it has not been announced who Will Ferrell is playing in Barbie only that hes closed a deal. That said THR has heard from a source that there is a meta aspect to the Barbie movie and that Ferrell will be playing the CEO of a toy company that may or may not be Mattel the company that owns the Barbie toy line in real life.

Assuming this information is accurate Will Ferrells Barbie role sounds similar to his dual roles in 2014s The LEGO Movie. That movie also had plenty of its own meta commentary and Ferrell both voiced the nefarious Lord Business and played The Man Upstairs the father of Finn the boy who was acting out this elaborate scenario with these LEGO figurines and sets. Even though specific plot details are not among the things we know about Barbie yet the fact that Ferrell may be playing the CEO of a massive toy company in a meta story indicates that this movie will be poking some if not a lot of fun at the Barbie property as a whole.

Along with Margot Robbie bringing Barbie to life a role that Anne Hathaway had been circling after Amy Schumers departure the only other officially confirmed role in the movie is Barbies male counterpart Ken who will be played by Ryan Gosling. However plenty of other actors have been announced for Barbie. Back in February ShangChi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Simu Lu came aboard and his other costars include America Ferrera Kate McKinnon Ariana Greenblatt Alexandra Shipp and Emma Mackey. Little Womens Great Gerwing is directing Barbie as well as co writing the script with her partner Noah Baumbach.

Will Ferrells last movie was 2020s Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga but he has been seen more recently starring in the miniseries The Shrink Next Door. While Barbie is expected to drop sometime in 2023 it wont be the next movie we see Ferrell in. That honor belongs to Spirited Apple TVs modern musical reimagining of A Christmas Carol that stars Ferrell as The Ghost of Christmas present and Ryan Reynolds as Ebenezer Scrooge. Ferrell also has the live action animated comedy Strays which costars Jamie Foxx and Will Forte slated for June 9 2023 so I imagine that Barbie will end up being slotted sometime in the latter half of that year. Principal photography is now underway on Barbie and if any other major castings for the project are announced well pass them along. If youre keen on seeing new Will Ferrell material now stream The Shrink Next Door with an Apple TV subscription.

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