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Magnum PI season 5 What could come alongside revival news

Magnum PI As many of you out there are aware if youre a longtime reader we have been major advocates in getting to see a Magnum PI season 5 happen. Things have been quieter over the past week but there are some assumptions we can still make. NBC andor USA have emerged as top contenders to revive the show and negotiations are apparently in a pretty advanced stage. That means that the studionetworks are really getting into issues related to budget. Its good news in that things are serious however we are also wellaware that in a situation like this we could also see everything crumble in just a matter of moments.

Be sure to follow Matt and Jess TV on Instagram HERE! For the sake of this piece though we want to be optimistic. Lets say that the revival news does come out over the next couple of weeks what could we see announced alongside it Just what is there to be specifically psyched about We do think there are a few different things to consider here. We think that the first thing that will be revealed beyond a renewal is what the man is when it comes to a possible release. If it is NBC who picks up the show for example we feel like there will be an announcement stating that the series wont come until 2023. Thats because 1 they already have a fall schedule set and 2 it may take a little bit of time to get preproduction and the writing process going again. We dont expect filming to start as early as it has in the past non seasons not impacted by the global health crisis.

Is there a chance that we could hear about an episode count as well Maybe but we also wouldnt be surprised if NBCwhoever picks the show up wants to be reasonably flexible with that — at least if it is possible. We tend to think that wed get at least 1013 episodes for a revived season and maybe more on network TV. Related – Check out some more news when it comes to Magnum PI and what the future could hold insofar as a revival goes If Magnum PI gets revived what other news do you hope to hear about Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that be sure to come back for other updates you do not want to miss. Photo CBS.

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