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Magnum PI season 5 update: Scripts are being written!

Magnum PIJust in case you needed another reason to be excited for Magnum PI season 5, here it is new episodes are already being written! In a post on Twitter late yesterday, the show’s official writers’ room confirmed that they have started work on the latest batch of episodes, which will air on NBC in the new year. This makes sense, as writers typically get into the writing process a good stretch of time before the start of production. This gives them time to map out stories and make life easier for all the other departments. There is a good bit of work that needs to be done before the cast can arrive on set; locations have to be scouted, props need to be prepared, and sets sometimes need to be built. This is not something that is put together overnight! Everything takes time, and a lot of the work starts with the writers composing their magic behind the scenes.

Follow Matt and Jess TV on Instagram HERE! Creatively, there are a lot of exciting challenges entering the new season. Take, for example, figuring out what the next move is for Magnum and Higgins romantically. The two kissed at the end of season 4, but this not guarantee a long-lasting relationship. They have to find a way to balance the feelings they have for each other with their job, which they are incredibly passionate about and won’t want to lose. Meanwhile, Rick is a new father, and TC has become an enormous part of Cade’s life.

All of these characters are evolving personally, and professionally, we have a LOT of questions about Gordon Katsumoto. We’re sure he will be back, but what form is his story going to take from here? What recurring players from the past could turn up? Fingers crossed production does star in Hawaii next month and when that happens, we could start to get a slightly better sense of the good stuff that could be coming when the show arrives at its new home. There is SO much to be excited about if you’re a long-time fan.

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