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Lucifer Quiz: Did Lucifer Morningstar Say It?

Once upon a time the angel Lucifer was expelled from heaven and sentenced to rule hell forever. But over time Lucifer got tired of the monotony of the underworld so he decided to take a vacation and go to the world of people settling in the “City of Angels”.
The charming scoundrel doesnt just read peoples thoughts he sees through them and knows all their most secret desires. However Lucifer is prevented from enjoying all the pleasures of a sinful life by the angel Amenadiel who is instructed to return Lucifer to hell without which real chaos began there. In addition Lucifer has become the only witness to the murder of a fading pop star and is now forced to cooperate with the police in the face of homicide detective Chloe Decker. He may have been the Lord of Hell but he has gone through some rough times and has some deep emotional wounds. Throughout the series fans saw not only his strong side but also his emotional side. This led to some moving and heartfelt lines about betrayal love and darkness.

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