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LOST’s Missing Libby Backstory Failed To Explain A Season 2 Mystery

By failing to explore Libbys backstory Lost never cleared up a season 2 mystery. Played by Cynthia Watros Libby was a major season 2 character and Hurleys love interest. Alongside Ana Lucia she was killed off unexpectedly as a result of Michaels betrayal and his efforts to save Walt. At the time Libbys death in particular caught viewers by surprise  and not because it had happened at the hands of a oncetrusted main character. Prior to her demise there was a sense that Lost still had a lot left to do with her character. Unlike the other tail section survivors who had joined the group  Ana Lucia Bernard and Mr. Eko – Libby had yet to receive her own flashback episode. And there was certainly an expectation that she would get one eventually. After all Lost season 2s Dave which explored the period Hurley spent at a mental institution dropped a big reveal about her past. The ending of the episode revealed that Libby who had no obvious mental health issues was secretly a patient at the same time as Jorge Garicas Hurley.

RELATEDLOST Every Special Character & What Their Powers WereAfter her death Libby returned in the Lost twopart season 2 finale as a character in Desmonds flashbacks but the show never explained what she was doing in the mental institution. The way the scene was framed had given a strong impression that it would be important later but it never was. Since then Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have shed on why it wasnt discussed and the reason for her being there. Apparently Libbys situation was tied to the impact that her husbands death had on her. Lost didnt get a chance to dive into this because Watros chose not to remain on the show via Digital Spy. Instead of exploring it more deeply Lost alluded to the reason during her talk with Henry Ian Cusicks Desmond where she mentioned that her husband had died. The show itself never directly tied this tragedy to Libbys history as a mental patient but Cuse has confirmed the connection

. He also said that Watros decision to leave the show is what caused them to scrap their plans for Libbys backstory. According to Cuse Lost was committed to telling the stories of characters who were still on the show. This didnt include people who had already died. He said that bringing Libby back in another characters story to answer these questions about her past would be insulting. In other words her death made an explanation for the Libby mystery unnecessary and a bad fit for the stories that followed. Losts big reveal about her link to Hurley was made irrelevant only a few episodes later. Interestingly the series revisited this aspect of her character in season 6 by having her in the same mental hospital in the shows flashsideways story where her presence was explained by her memories of her life on the island. But in keeping with the shows approach to Libbys backstory the reason why she was there in the real world was ignored completely.

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