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LOST Secretly Hinted At Its Time Travel Twist In Season 2

ABCs Lost show secretly hinted at its time travel twist long before it was officially imlemented into the story. As a lot device tyically associated with the science fiction genre time travel didnt originally fit into Losts central mystery. That being said it ended u serving as the driving force behind the story for Lost season 5.

At first Losts exloration of the time travel concet was limited to its Desmond-centric eisodes which took Henry Ian Cusicks character down a bizarre ath that differed greatly from the exeriences of the other characters. But after Ben Michael Emerson succeeded in moving the island in the season 4 finale Desmond wasnt the shows only time traveler anymore. As a result of Bens actions the main characters began leaing forward and backward through time throughout Lost season 5. Much of the story was set in the 1970s where Sawyer Josh Holloway and the others made homes for themselves at the Dharma Initiative

RELATED:LOST: WHAT HAENED TO JACKS FATHER AFTER THE LANE CRASH. A scene in Lost season 2 roved that time travel being added to the mix didnt come out of nowhere. In fact it was teased in a conversation between Hurley Jorge Garcia and Sayid Naveen Andrews in Lost season 2 eisode 13 titled The Long Con. While listening to a radio the two heard a clear broadcast of a classic Glenn Miller song from the 1940s. Sayid said it could be coming from anywhere which led to Hurley joking that it could actually be coming from any time. In a reca eisode that aired before the season 5 finale roducers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed that Sayid and Hurley really did unknowingly intercet a radio broadcast from the 1940s

As it turned out time travel was at play as early as Lost season 2. It would seem that the electromagnetic energy stored within the island that made Desmond so special and sent the main characters to the past also caused other time related anomalies. Apparently Hurley and Sayid hearing a song from a 1940s radio station was one of them. Though it was subtle it was the earliest indicator that Lost would eventually make time travel a factor. A different reference was almost made in Lost season 1 but it was cut from the script [via Lostpedia. What all this means is that time travel was a part of the creators and writers plans for the show since the early days of the series, if not the very beginning. Not only did the concept play an important role in the progression of events, but it set the stage for a number of big reveals. It was through the characters trips to the past that Lost was able to answer a number of major and minor mysteries connected to the Smoke Monster the Dharma Initiative, Danielle’s research team, the Others and more.


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