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‘Little People, Big World’: Tensions Grow Between Zach Roloff and Dad Matt

Tensions between Matt Roloff and his son Zach Roloff are high as the two cant seem to come to an agreement over the future of Roloff Farms. In the first look trailer for a brand new season of the TLC show premiering May 17 Zach and Matt both admit theres a problem after an awkward encounter. The temper is pretty high between my dad and me and Caryn [Chandler] admits Zach as Matt adds After the farm deal fell apart theres been some tension between us. Things were so extremely uncomfortable that Zachs wife Tori Roloff says she was having a hard time even being there with her in laws. There are more tough decisions to be made later in the trailer when a fire breaks out on the farm. Ive been going back and forth about exactly what to do with the north side of the farm Matt explains. This process has been filled with some emotions and anger. But now Ive got this new plan. If it plays out the way that I hope it does I think life on the farm is going to change forever. He adds If the kids decide they want to hate me for this theres nothing I can do about it.

Matts changing relationship with ex wife Amy Roloff is also teased in the trailer. I still struggle with the fact of being married to someone for so long and to now hang out with my ex and his girlfriend just too much history for me Amy admits after her wedding to husband Chris Marek in August 2021. Despite their uneasy ties Matt says the two couples kind of enjoy hanging out together.Also this season Zach and Tori eagerly await the arrival of their third child while trying to balance handling son Jacksons surgery to correct the bowing in his legs. Its just that rollercoaster of like uh oh. Whats going to happen? explains Zach. Dont miss all the latest drama with the Roloff family when the new season of Little People Big World premieres on May 17 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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