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List of ThunderCats characters

Jaga voiced by Earl Hammond in the original series Corey Burton in the 2011 series Larry Kenney in the 2020 series is also known as Jaga the Wise and is based on the jaguar. This elder warrior was once regarded as the mightiest and greatest of all Thundercats by LionO himself. In his youth Jaga was the Lord of the Thundercats and rescued a young Hachiman from being trapped in the Jade Dragon which later became a part of the Treasure of Thundera. An adviser and protector of the Lords family Jaga wielded the Sword of Omens and was a formidable fighter in combat. After Claudus was blinded Jaga became the main guardian of the Eye of Thundera the Sword of Omens and the Treasure of Thundera.


It was Jaga who gathered the nobles of the Thundercats to escort LionO and the Eye of Thundera to safety but did not survive the trip to Third Earth as he volunteered to pilot the damaged ship while the others slept. Because of this Jaga died of old age. However Jaga does reappear on Third Earth as a ghost seen only by LionO at first to guide him in his lessons and adventures. At times he appears before the other Thundercats as well such as when facing down Grune the Destroyers ghost and when the Thundercats need to rescue their fellow Thunderians. Jagas physical body does reappear at one point during the original series in the episode The Astral Prison where he was trapped in another dimension prompting LionO to travel there to rescue him from being held captive by an evil inhabitant of said dimension. His fate as a physical living entity after this was never revealed but his spirit form continued to appear throughout the series.


In the 2011 series Jaga serves as head of Thunderas cleric warriors possessing a knowledge of ancient secrets superhuman speed projecting lightning from his staff. In his prime he used the Sword of Omens in an epic duel against Ratilla. At the start of the series Jaga sacrifices himself to ensure LionO and his group escape. This resulted with him being tortured into revealing the location of the Book of Omens to MummRa though doing his best to resist the villains magic when sealed within a lantern eventually his free will wavers along with his physical form.

Though Jaga destroys the lantern that was keeping his soul intact to save LionO from MummRa his soul took residence within the Book of Omens and becomes LionOs guide. In the 2part The Trials of LionO Pt. 1 LionO encounters Jaga in the entrance to the Spirit World. Jaga tells LionO of the challenges he must undergo to gain a second chance in life. But when he failed the final test Jaga allows LionO to return to the living long enough to save the other ThunderCats though it would exile LionOs soul to Limbo by sunrise. However once saving his friends LionO learns from Jaga that it was actually a test like the other challenges and allows LionO to remain among the living. Jaga character was described as being based on Wisdom.



LionO voiced by Larry Kenney in the original series Will Friedle and Tara Strong young in the 2011 series12 34 Max Mittelman in the 2020 series is the leader and the hereditary Lord of the Thundercats. LionO based on the lion wields the legendary Sword of Omens which is able to fire bolts of energy and allows LionO to see across great distances with its power of Sight Beyond Sight the sword was created from the same star as the sword of plundar the eye of thundera is the eye which belonged to a beast who was as gigantic as the mountain. He held immense power and was imprisoned in the gem forged by the ancestors of Jaga5 who sacrificed themselves to save the Thunderians from his wrath as well as the Claw Shield a gauntlet that launches grappling lines from its claws.

A mere child of twelve years old at the time of Thunderas destruction LionO aged to adulthood during the trip to Third Earth when his suspension capsule failed to prevent him from aging too much.6 Although cunning and skillful he is truly a child in a mans body and throughout the series must learn what it takes to become a true leader and gain true maturity.In the latter half of the shows first season LionO has to put all that he has learned to use in the Anointment Trials which consist of contests of strength speed cunning and intelligence this last is referred to as mindpower in the story arc against each of the other Thundercats.


Complicating matters for LionO is the fact that he is required to be unarmed for the contests moreover the other Thundercats are not permitted to assist him. The Mutants attempt but ultimately without success to take advantage of this last in an effort to leave the Thundercats leaderless. Ultimately triumphing over MummRa in a final battle The Trial Of Evil in the heart of the villains pyramid in which he discovers that MummRa like any Egyptian mummy is dependent upon his sarcophagus LionO is crowned the true Lord of the Thundercats in a grand inaugural ceremony attended by nearly every inhabitant of Third Earth.

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