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Lil Nas Xs gold Versace Met Gala outfit was taken home by event worker

Ever wondered what happens to celebrities stunning Met Gala outfits after theyve been showcased at the fashion event of the year? Well the circumstances surrounding Lil Nas Xs gold Versace ensemble that he wore in 2021 are almost too incredible to imagine… if a sensational story is to be believed. Remember the outfit in question  one of the rappers three looks of the night   gleaming in gold as he posed for photographers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York? Well its been claimed that someone working at the Met Gala wound up taking it home.

The workers housemate made the wild assertion on Twitter sharing a post with photos as they wrote I wasnt allowed to post this bc it would have gotten my roommate in trouble but enough time has passed and he doesnt care anymore.
He worked the met gala last year and casually came home with @LilNasXs outfit and we just like had it in our apartment and would wear it sometimes.

After sharing two mirror selfies showing the top half of the Versace armour being worn the Twitter user added in a followup tweet Lol to clarify my roomie was handed the outfit to hold and no one came back for it. He brought it home and we reached out to let them know we had it and someone from Versace came to pick it up about a week later. Can you believe someone would have been able to casually go home with the Lil Nas Xs iconic Met Gala look?!

The tweet even caught the attention of the Old Town Road rapper who left his fans laughing as he quotetweeted the original post with a clip from a video posted by YouTuber Karim Jovian in 2016 which was titled I didnt like Gay People.
People who came across the story on Twitter were similarly astonished that the Met Gala worker would have been able to walk away with the valuable garment.
This is the CRAZIEST story one person said while another wrote This is mad funny. Chillin watching TV in this on a Thursday night. This is my favorite story someone else remarked with another chiming in to add How did it smell? Asking for a friend.

Last year marked Lil Nas Xs Met Gala debut – so fans are undoubtedly hoping hes going to turn out an even more spectacle look or multiple if he attends the 2022 ceremony the theme for which is Gilded Glamour. With previous memorable ensembles at the event including Rihannas omelette gown Kim Kardashians shadow look and Lady Gagas multilayered camp bonanza who knows what sartorial delights the Alist guests will reveal on the red carpet?


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