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Lightyears New Trailer Just Settled That Emperor Zurg Debate

The latest trailer for Pixars Lightyear just might have settled the debate on whether or not Emperor Zurg really is Buzz Lightyears father. Pixars new Lightyear trailer just settled a big debate surrounding Emperor Zurg. Lightyear appears to be painting a different picture of Zurg than what was seen in both Toy Story 2 and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command so its been unclear how much of what was previously known about the character would be preserved for this newest iteration. Based on the latest trailer though one notable element is likely no longer in play.

The latest trailer for Disney Pixars Lightyear offers more details on the overall premise of the story. When Buzz Lightyear Chris Evans tests out a hyperspeed flight system that could be the key to getting him and the rest of Star Command home he discovers that he has been accidentally sent 62 years into the future. Not only is Star Command still stuck on an alien world in Lightyear but it now appears Buzz has to help them defeat the evil Emperor Zurg James Brolin and his robot minions.

The time travel twist in Lightyear means that its now doubtful that Zurg is Buzzs father as previously stated in Toy Story 2. Buzzs age in the new movie hasnt been given but hes probably somewhere in his twenties or thirties which would probably put his father in his forties to fifties at best. As such with over half a century gone by Chris Evans Buzzs father is probably dead at this point so its much more plausible for Zurg to be an alien being of some sort as opposed to Buzzs father. The fact that Buzzs father hasnt once been shown or mentioned in any trailers also adds to the idea that he doesnt factor into the story settling a 23yearold Zurg debate once and for all.

However this wouldnt be the first time that Zurg being Buzzs father was ignored. In Buzz Lightyear of Star Command season 1 episode 41 Stranger Invasion Zurg told Buzz he was his father but he did so to distract him with a sucker punch and then made fun of him for believing it. While the cartoon isnt canon to the Toy Story franchise it still shows that even in the early days of the franchise the idea of Zurg being Buzzs father wasnt being taken seriously.

Even though Zurg being Buzzs father is a classic part of the Toy Story franchise at its core the scene where this lineage was established acts as little more than a parody of Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. As such with Lightyear trying to be something of a serious story it makes sense that the Toy Story spinoff would not go out of its way to keep the joke alive. While it still wouldnt be impossible that Zurg could somehow be Buzzs father with the way the story is being structured it makes more sense that the characters arent meant to be connected in any way outside of being enemies.

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