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Life Lessons from Psycho But Its Okay Its Okay to Not Be Okay

Have you seen Kim Soo Hyuns comeback drama I have written a review of this Korean drama entitled Psycho But Its Okay Its Okay to Not Be Okay. Also find out about the life lessons you can get from this drama. 2020 in the Korean drama industry is really full of surprises! There is another Kdrama that tvN released which everybody will definitely adore so much! Not to mention that this is Kim Soo Hyuns comeback drama after his military service and after 5 years of being on screen!

Psycho But Its Okay Its Okay to Not Be Okay is the new Korean drama this June 2020! It has just been a few episodes that were released but it has already given us a lot of rollercoaster emotions! I can totally say that this drama is something that Kdrama fans shouldnt be missed watching!  Synopsis Psycho But Its Okay Its Okay Not to Be Okay is a new romantic Korean drama that centers on the two main characters namely Moon Kang Tae Kim Soo Hyun and Ko Moon Young Seo Ye Jin. Moon Kang Tae works in the psychiatric ward. Meanwhile Ko Moon Young is a wellknown writer of childrens books. The story revolves around them and depicts how they heal each other emotionals wounds.

Its Okay to Not Be Okay is not your romantic comedydrama. It empowers mental health issues in which we normally overlook and do not really give importance to. In addition whats one good point about the drama is it certainly gives us awareness about mentally challenged people and how we should deal with them properly. As you read on you will get to know some of the things that I have realized after watching the recent episodes of Its Okay to Not Be Okay. Life Lessons from Psycho But Its Okay

Every person we meet whether they are a part of family friends strangers everyone has its own battles. Even you. You have got your own inner struggles. Apparently we usually tend to ignore it. There are chances that we misunderstand the way other people act toward a certain thing. We normally misjudge people by how they perceive things or how they react to a particular situation. On the other hand havent we thought that there must be a personal reason why they act that way

Have you ever asked that person if he or she was really okay We truly dont know. When someone is going through a hardship they normally tend to keep it to themselves and fight alone. With that being said we should never give an impression to anyone who doesnt see the way we want them to be seen or known. We dont know their story. Being emotionally fragile is totally fine.

I know how it is difficult to sometimes share what you think or how you feel toward others. Has it ever crossed your mind that they wouldnt be able to understand you Or they might have perceived it the other way They might think that you are insane Well. It happens. On the other hand being emotionally fragile is totally okay! You dont have to keep the pain all the time. In fact it is even more painful if you do it that way.

Cry it out loud it is fine. Totally fine. Crying is not a sign of weakness remember that. More to that keep in mind that there is always that one person who is willing to listen to you and accept whoever you are. All you need is to find that right person! Be with that person. Do not be afraid to show how emotionally fragile you are. What other people say doesnt truly matter. Prioritize your mental health. You dont have to suffer alone. The power of words can change us forever.

Psycho But Its Okay obviously focuses on the story about a parentchild relationship. The drama shows how powerful words are to a person most especially to a child. A parents upbringing has totally a huge part of a childs development – physically and emotionally. Words are indeed powerful. Whether they are positive or negative it is undeniable that they affect us a lot. Words can change us. Words can be forgotten but they remain in our hearts. They tend to stay there forever.

With that we always have to be careful with our words. In every word we say to someone because that would probably mean a lot to them. Running away leads you nowhere. Running away from your problems wont take you anywhere. If you continue escaping from your past or avoiding what you are supposed to face it will just forever hunt you. Getting away with it might even make it worse for you. As much as possible face your fears. That way you will realize how stronger you are.
Being dependent on someone is perfectly OK.

There is nothing wrong with being emotionally dependent at times. We all need someone who can understand us no matter how terrible we feel about something. Comfort from someone can totally make us feel better. No matter how much we try to deny it. When we know that there is someone beside us it helps us rethink that we are not alone in this world. That there is always that someone whom we can rely on. Its okay not to be okay.

Never be afraid of showing how you really feel toward something. When you are sad show it. If you want to cry then cry it out! Yeah it is sometimes terrifying to express what we truly feel in front of others. We tend to think that they might leave us for something that they do not disagree with. Most especially in terms of our behavior. Our presence. Anxiety. Loneliness. Uncertainty.

We humans tend to overlook these things and even dont understand those who are in these kinds of situations. Most of the time others tend to perceive that this is just some kind of seeking for attention. But hey you are not! Your emotions are always valid no matter what other people think and say. It is not necessary to consider what they think about you. Always remember that it is okay not to be okay. Everyone feels that way. Not only you. Sometimes you have to learn to express your emotions. It could probably help you feel better. Hey! Im Ara Patria the girl behind The Adventuress travel & lifestyle blog! I tell stories through adventures and personal life experiences. U ready Join me on my adventures!

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