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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: The best upgrades for each character class

ego game at heart. You wi get a comedic yet faithfu deiction of a nine mainine fims from the egendary scifi fim franchise ony wraed in a ego she. The game itsef is sti focused on ight combat atforming uzzesoving and tons and tons of coecting but ego Star Wars The Skywaker Saga imroves uon that formua in some substantia ways. For one the combat itsef is far more dynamic and invoved than ever before but adding on to that the introduction of nine ugradabe casses that each character fas into gives some fun RG eements as we. With hundreds uon hundreds of characters to find and unock in ego Star Wars The Skywaker Saga there was no way each one coud individuay have their own set of skis and ugrades without being vasty overwheming. Instead every character fas into one of nine casses that share ugrades as we as core ugrades that ay to every singe character. Even narrowed down that are sti a ton of ugrades you wi need to send your hardearned Kyber Bricks on.

Rather than waste time training skis you wont find usefu here are a the best ugrades you shoud get for each character cass in ego Star Wars The Skywaker Saga. Before getting into the nittygritty of which ugrades are best we shoud exain how the ugrade system even works in ego Star Wars The Skywaker Saga since it is brand new to the franchise. You can view see the cost of and urchase a your ugrades in your menu by fiing over to the Ugrades section. Here you wi have a ist showing a the individua cass ugrades us core ugrades. Every cass comes with four skis to unock. You get a itte descrition of the ski how to use it what the current eve is and how much it costs to ugrade that same ski. A skis cost Kyber Bricks and Studs to unock or ugrade and each can be ugraded three times with ony two excetions. Studs are the basic currency you wi be grinding for just about everything ego Star Wars The Skywaker Saga whie Kyber Bricks are secia coectibes that are given for cometing some objectives reaching different eve threshods soving uzzes and seeking them out as hidden items on the various anets. There are hundreds of these as we but you wi never have a ton on hand without going through some effort so make sure to send them wisey.

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