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Legends of Tomorrows Sara Lance Has Earned a Proper Ending

After ten years on television spanning Arrow to Legends of Tomorrow Sara Lance deserves to see her character arc come to a proper conclusion.

The CWs cancellation of Legends of Tomorrow came as a disappointment to many Arrowverse watchers. Across seven seasons and 110 episodes this odd experiment in timetravel grew into a quirky funny and heartfelt corner of The CW with a devoted fanbase. Perhaps most disappointing was that the series ended on an unceremonious cliffhanger which not only introduced fanfavorite DC hero Booster Gold to the series but also meant that there was an uncertain future for this motley crew of misfits.

Of all the Legends who had their stories cut short none hurts more than Sara Lance. The character had been a part of the Arrowverse since its inception and gone through tremendous growth and changes over 10 years of television. She was on the precipice of a whole new journey at the time of Legends cancellation one that represented the culmination of all she had gone through and everything she had learned. If there were any reason to give the series a proper conclusion it would be to see how Sara sticks her landing.

Before the concept of a shared television universe was a gleam in Greg Berlantis eye Sara debuted in the Arrow pilot played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. Her time was brief but established a handful of characteristics for her she was the irresponsible younger sister of Arrows female lead Laurel Lance and was secretly having an affair with Laurels boyfriend Oliver Queen. This appears to lead to her ultimate demise as shes on Olivers yacht when its caught in a storm and capsizes leaving Oliver stranded on a deserted island and kicking off the events of the series.

At first Sara is depicted as careless selfish and ultimately little more than a victim of catastrophic misfortune. That all changes in Arrows second season when Sara returns alive and well with Caity Lotz taking over the role. Shes revealed to have spent part of her missing six years with the League of Assassins training in martial arts and is now operating as Starling Citys newest vigilante the Black Canary. Saras return not only inspires Laurel to step up and become a hero herself later in the series but also helps introduce the League to the Arrowverse setting up a threat that would plague Team Arrow for years to come.

Sara also resumed her romance with Oliver but the writers quickly and wisely scuttled that particular plotline. Instead attention is paid to her past relationship with Nyssa alGhul confirming her as bisexual and making her the first LGBTQ+ character in the Arrowverse. Remember the idea of a queer superhero on network television was still a fairly new concept. Sara helped paved the way for a multitude of other LGBTQ+ characters including Len Snart Ryan Wilder and John Constantine.

Saras big break as a character came when she joined the cast of Legends of Tomorrow. She along with a handful of other heroes and villains was recruited by Rip Hunter to protect the timestream from the machinations of the immortal conqueror Vandal Savage. Throughout the series Sara evolved from a capable fighter to a brave and compassionate leader particularly after Rips death led to her taking up the mantle of captain. The roster of Legends changed drastically over the course of seven seasons until Sara was one of the last original characters left. Thats a long time to be invested in a characters story and development.

Sara had her fair share of romantic entanglements but the most significant was Ava Sharpe. When the pair first meet theyre on opposite sides Ava was an agent of the newly established Time Bureau which takes a much more methodical approach to protecting history than the Legends haphazard bumbling. However over time the two bond and fall in love eventually getting married in the Season 6 finale The Fungus Amongus.

The Season 4 episode The Eggplant the Witch and the Wardrobe exemplifies what made their relationship so compelling to watch. When a demon sends Avas soul to Purgatory Constantine sends Sara in after to retrieve her love. Avas personal Purgatory ends up looking like an IKEAstyle furniture outlet because Legends had long ago given up taking itself seriously. However the situation forces both characters to confront their conflicting feelings about domesticity cohabitation and actually building a life together. Despite the fantastical setup their conversations feel real and grounded and the two come out the other side stronger for it.

The Season 7 finale and de facto series finale Knocked Down Knocked Up saw Sara and Ava preparing to take the next step together and become parents. Their plans get interrupted by the Legends latest emergency during which its revealed that Sara is pregnant by Ava due to the former now having alien DNA. At first Saras terrified at the prospect of carrying a baby amidst all their adventures but Ava comforts her. Shes ecstatic at the idea of them having a child thats all their own and promises that no matter what the future holds theyll face it together.

Across a decade of television Sara Lance has been a martyr an assassin a vigilante dead a time traveler a leader a girlfriend a wife and ultimately an expecting mother. Her character arc has seen her grow from the irresponsible party girl sleeping with her sisters boyfriend to a capable leader a loyal friend and a genuine hero. Though certainly not without its rocky moments Saras story has been one of the strongest the Arrowverse has to offer and she and the rest of the Legends deserve to see it come to a proper finish.

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