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League of Legends 12.7 Patch Preview Fans React to Changes

Riot Games recently confirmed what changes would be coming to the 12.7 Patch of League of Legends and fans have been reacting. Several changes were revealed by the developers including the fact that a number of Champions in the game were set to be buffed. Theres been a huge response to the changes by players on social media across Twitter and Reddit a lot of it negative. Heres everything you need to know about the reaction to the League of Legends 12.7 Patch Preview that was sent out by Riot Games.

League of Legends 12.7 Patch Preview Everything You Need to Know Fans React to LoL Patch 12.7 For reference here is the official Patch Preview that @TheTruexy posted on Twitter with regards to the new Patch which is expected to be released into the game around Tuesday 12th April 2022 The reaction from players on Twitter has been pretty negative with many questioning why so many buffs and nerfs were needed to be made. One gamer tweeted You are not living in the reality of the game! You are nerfing 3 of the weakest champs nerfing the worst AD item in the game nerfing Fimbulwinter thats already bad and almost nevers efficient and buffing 3 of the most broken champs Karth Yasuo Yone! Is this a late April 1st

Another player would question why Jinx has not been scheduled to be nerfed claiming that the developers are trying to keep the meta based around the lead on the massively popular Arcane series on Netflix.. They tweeted Where is the Jinx nerf Literally high pickban with good winrate everywhere soloq and pro play. Are you just gonna watch Arcane meta keep going Ok… Its quite shocking to see such a large amount of buffs made to Champions as part of this new update and its not surprising to see that there has been quite some backlash. Were expecting that there will be even more over the coming days and when the actual Patch goes live in-game on Tuesday 12th April 2022.

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