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Komi Can’t Communicate Volume 18 Establishes the Series’ First Love Triangle

Volume 18 of Komi Cant Communicate largely continues the episodic nature of this manga series with most chapters involving standalone stories with some recurring themes and subplots woven in. However by this point even a whimsical slice of life story like Komi Cant Communicate needs a more cohesive central plot and Volume 18 delivers.In particular Komi Cant Communicates 18th volume builds upon Volume 17s biggest development the formation of the series first real love triangle. The dandere Komi Shoko and the gyaru Manbagi Rumiko politely compete to see who can win Tadano Hitohitos heart with all the carefree charm the series is known for.

In Volume 17 Manbagi Rumiko tearfully explained her newfound amorous feelings for Tadano and she and Komi talked it out. Rumiko felt terribly guilty about having a crush on another girls best friend but in the end both girls agreed to form an official but genteel rivalry of the heart. Volume 18 immediately continues this compelling new storyline as the Itan high school culture festival winds down with Rumiko explaining her new situation to a sympathetic friend Takurazaka. And thats just the start.A handful of amusing but touching scenes in Komi Volume 18 continue the love triangle with Komi and the surprisingly timid Rumiko competing to see who can earn Tadanos favor the quickest. They get flustered when they each say good morning to him in homeroom for example and they also compete to see who can tie a cherry stem into a knot. This reflects the running joke that if a character can use just their tongue to tie up a cherry stem theyre an excellent kisser and Rumiko wins that particular competition.

In the next few chapters after some standalone scenes Volume 18 cranks up the love triangles heat even more when some familiar scenarios take place for the first time. Two of Komis closest female friends Mikuni Kato and Sasaki Ayami eagerly question Komi about her amorous adventures in the school festival including whether she actually kissed Tadano or not. Finally Tadano and Komi find themselves trapped in the gym storage shed a common scene in rom com anime titles and Komi brings up the love triangle. She asks Tadano what Rumiko is to him then asks what she is to him too. That was an opportunity for another big step forward in the story but in true Komi fashion the goofy side characters interrupt before Tadano can say much.

Overall the contents of Komi Cant Communicates 18th volume represent an important evolution of the overall series without completely overhauling its well established tone and pacing. Ever since Volume 1 was released Komi Cant Communicate has been a slow paced easygoing and wholesome series that steers clear of violence excessive fan service and heavy drama creating a light read that any fan can appreciate. The series is meant to be relaxing and goofy like some iyashikei anime so introducing a dramatic love triangle would be an odd fit in this series. But Komi managed it anyway.The series appears to be entering its final phase with this gentle love triangle challenging Komi to face her true feelings about Tadano and act on them. She has finally made some friends thanks to him and at this rate she might someday gain Tadano as her first ever boyfriend too an important personal milestone for her. Eventually even a whimsical series like Komi needed to have an end goal to strive toward and Volume 18 might represent the beginning of the final phase of the overall franchise however long that final phase may be.

Its a new era for Komi Cant Communicate and most importantly the series progressed on its own terms. The new love triangle is dramatic by the series standards but its wholesome and amusing nature ensures that it fits neatly into the overall narrative and tone rather than disrupting it. This also suggests that in this supposed final phase the inventive Komi Cant Communicate might embrace other conventional storytelling methods to help bring the series to a close. Its been a wild ride but eventually the time will come for Komi to wrap up its many loose ends and reach a solid conclusion while also resolving Komis character arc concerning her social anxiety. And perhaps surprisingly a love triangle might be the best way to get there.

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