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Komi Can’t Communicate Reveals New Look at Komi’s First Nendoroid

Komi Cant Communicate is releasing a new Nendoroid figure for the titular Shoko Komi and has shared a much closer look at the new collectible with some cute photos! Tomohito Odas original manga series already had a major following thanks to its main character and that popularity went to a whole new level thanks to the debut of its official anime adaptation last year. Now that the anime is gearing up for its second season return as part of the Spring 2022 anime schedule Komi Cant Communicate is celebrating the new episodes in a fun new way.Good Smile Companys line of Nendoroid collectible figures are some of the most highly sought after by fans as they take notable anime characters and give them a real life chibi makeover to easily fit on shelves and the latest figure has shared a cute new look for Shoko Komi. To celebrate Komi Cant Communicates anime run the new Komi Nendoroid figure taps into some of her most notable faces and reactions from the first season. You can check out a closer look at the new figure below as shared by Good Smile Companys official Twitter account

Komi Cant Communicates second season will begin airing with Netflix in Japan starting on April 6th but international fans will get to check out the new season beginning on April 27th just a few weeks after its premiere. The new season brings back the production staff and extended cast seen in the first season and theyll be joined by the new additions of Katsuyuki Miura as Shisuto Naruse Shotaro Uzawa as Chusaku Kometani Minami Takahashi as Ayami Sasaki Fumiko Uchimura as Mikuni Kato and Shinichiro Kamio as Makoto Katai. The second season of the series will be taking Komi further out of her immediate comfort zone with all sorts of new school activities but at the same time will also offer her more opportunities to make friends along the way. It was one of the bigger anime releases last year and its gearing up to have just as much of impact with the new episodes airing this Spring. But what do you think?


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