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‘Killing Eve’ Showrunner Laura Neal Breaks Down That Shocking Series Finale

BBC America original series Killing Eve has revolved around its central pair of two women who begin as foes but then evolve into something much more twisty and complex MI5 analyst Eve Polastri Sandra Oh and skilled but psychopathic assassin Villanelle Jodie Comer. Although Eve begins looking into Villanelles killings with a professional interest their relationship inevitably takes a more mutually obsessive turn and the two seem to be destined for a final collision course that could be as explosive as it is long awaited.

Ahead of the shows Season 4 finale which also doubles as its series finale Collider had the opportunity to catch up again with showrunner Laura Neal who worked in the writers room on Season 3 and takes the helm on the show to wrap up Killing Eves most complex storylines. Over the course of the interview which you can read below Neal discusses why it was important to bring Eve and Villanelle together for that quiet and intimate road trip what their kissing scene represents for Eve especially and what it was like to film the shows climactic moments on a real boat. She also talks about what Konstantins Kim Bodnia death represents in a dangerous spycraft world what the contrast between the wedding and the Twelves execution scene serves to illustrate about Eve and Villanelles destiny and whether there were any alternate endings considered for the finale.NEAL Well a few reasons. One because we knew this was the final episode and this was the last opportunity we were going to have them have that intimacy together. Because those two characters are in the emotional places theyre in and also where they are in the story and knowing that theyre on route to what could be the big endgame the stars aligned and allowed us to have those scenes of actual stillness between the two of them in a way that we havent actually been able to have. I dont think we could have even if wed wanted earlier on in the season. So it just felt like a gift that was too good to refuse really.

In terms of the stillness of it that was something that we found as we were shooting it almost. There was definitely more dialogue in the script or in the original version of the script than ended up in the final cut. That was because we realized as those two performers were interacting with each other so much of it was done in looks. So much of it is about their chemistry together on screen and them playing around that I realized that I could take whole bits of dialogue out and the scene would be just as special because its about those two characters existing in those quite claustrophobic locations that just dial up the relationship between them. It was just a joy to write those two having fun with each other especially knowing where it ends. It felt important to have a contrast and to allow us to see them happy in each others company.

Theres definitely claustrophobia to an extent but also theres this sense of openness too because theyre out in this very remote place. Im thinking specifically of the scene where they finally kiss in the road with no one else around. Its like a moment thats just for the two of them and also felt like a release valve moment in a lot of ways. Villanelle playfully kisses Eve on the cheek first and then Eve initiates the deeper moment. Whats the character motivation behind Eve finally deciding to go for it?NEAL I think theres a now or never aspect to that moment. The intimacy that theyve shared in the bothy opens up that moment for them as well. Theyve had this sharing of the sleeping bag together. Theyve had the scar moment touching each others scars. Theyve recognized their shared history and what the other has done to the other and also what theyve given each other. Theres a kind of bubbling over of that after they piss on the side of the road. It just felt like emotionally that was the moment where both of them could get there at the same time which I dont think has happened before.

NEAL Like you are saying there are no distractions. Villanelle has no one to perform to and likewise Eve. Theyre just there on the side of the road and theyve just shared this moment together thats been quite funny and subversive and intimate. Its in some ways a really unexpected moment for them to come together which I really like. Its not romantic in any way which feels true to the show. And then in other ways it is the most expected moment for them to come together because of whats just come before.Another big moment is Konstantin and what happens with his character and its surprising in a way but also not. These are characters that are involved in this spy game world and theres a danger to that but one of the things that feels a little more tragic for him is that it happens almost as a result of miscommunication or one character not having all the information that someone else does.

NEAL We wanted it to feel like a product of the world that hes in. So this world of misdirects this world of deceiving people this world of tricking people normally hes the one doing that and then the wool is pulled over his eyes and he ends up on the receiving end of it. Felt really appropriate for his character. Theres something I really love about the futility of his death the needlessness of it. That feels really cruel but also feels appropriate for Konstantin in and the way he lives his life and I like the tragedy of his death.He and Carolyn have this moment on the phone. I think its in Episode 5 where they sort of say to each other Were not cut out for happy endings people like us. Theyve sown too much themselves. Theyve inflicted too much pain on other people to be able to be spared that in their own deaths. There is a real tragedy with Konstantin because hes just opening up emotionally. This relationship with Pam has made him reflect on his life and it feels like finally hes kind of making progress and of course thats the moment in which he runs out of road.


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