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Kendrick Lamar Shares Statement From The Road: “Rap Has Truly Helped My Expansion Of Self”

For the past few weeks Kendrick Lamar has been out on tour in support of his new album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. Its been an eventful time security guards have cried new songs have been debuted political statements have been made  and last night Kendrick took to his Instagram account to post literally dozens of photos from the tour. He also shared a statement on his Instagram story about how hes feeling right now. Heres the message in full Stereogum Sessions Rick Maguire From Pile

ngl jesus jojo and mary. took a n a twenty years to find mother i sober. rap has truly helped my expansion of self. beyond the perception of who I believed to be. on jojo. music is air to a young na at this point. mr morale. the catalyst of my self expression. ill never forget the process of falling in love with imperfection. the piano. my fans. the stories of reconciliation i hear from penitentiaries to small villages. Some words will find you today. Some will find you in 10. find your children type shit. sitting in the corner like an old book. im forever underground. infratrating [sic] the mainstream a la carte. these cities still beautiful to watch. on jojo. ily

Over the weekend a video went viral of a security guard crying while Kendrick Lamar performed LOVE at his show in Houston. The guard whose name is Devyn Sanford was interviewed by the local Fox TV station after the clip started circulating. I woke up the next day and it was everywhere Sanford said. Im still taking it all in right now. I debated about whether to buy tickets or work the show and I decided to work it and it was still just as impactful to me.

After Lamars performance at Rolling Loud a couple days later he was asked about the video by kid reporter Jazlyn Jazzy Guerra. Its really just about the feeling of it. At the end of the day past all the politics past all the numbers its what music makes you feel you know how it makes you feel Lamar said It brought me back to when the song first came out. I was going through a tumultuous time in my life at that point Sanford continued. The words the crowd around me everyone was screaming and reaching for Kendrick and crying and I kind of like absorbed everybodys emotions. I was trying my best to hold it together and I just cracked.


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