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Kelly Dodd Denies Shes Returning To RHOC Amid Parody Account Confusion

Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County are thrilled to learn that Kelly Dodd doesnt plan on reprising her role on the popular Bravo series. Despite some confusion surrounding a parody account Kelly Dodd from The Real Housewives of Orange County revealed that she has no intention of returning to the Bravo show. The disgraced reality star was fired after expressing some morally wrong opinions that didnt sit well with viewers. The loudmouth housewife has had no issues attacking the franchise that once made her a household name but she is still steering clear when it comes to reprising her role.

Fans will recall that Kelly and her husband Rick Leventhal shared that they may be getting their own show back in January. The information turned out to be wrong but Kelly is still living up to her antics. After seasons of making rude comments on RHOC Bravo fans got tired of Kelly and her aggressive behavior. The mother of one often found herself in hot water both on and off-screen due to her lack of accountability. Between wearing a Drunk Wives Matter hat at her bridal shower and claiming that the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic was Gods way of thinning the herd viewers were happy to see Kelly stripped of her orange.

Recently Kelly had to take to her own profile on Twitter to counteract a Bravo fan page that had reported misinformation. In Kellys post she wrote that she had a parody account noting she never wrote any of the reported updates. The fan account had shared a tweet from Kelly that took place on April 17 which shared a list of events she did that would earn any housewife her spot back on the franchise. Bravo fans were thankful that the tweet turned out to be from a parody account as many took to the comments to express their disdain for Kelly tweeting that if she came back to RHOC they wouldnt watch. Check out the post below:

As Bravo viewers are aware Kelly was not asked back by production after RHOC season 15 wrapped and she had a few choice words for those involved with the decision. Kelly addressed being let go by telling fans that she was fired for just being herself which caused Bravo a lot of grief. Since leaving the show Kelly has still been finding herself in hot water as she was recently uninvited from an event after making a few tasteless jokes while speaking on her own podcast. Kelly is always ready to blame cancel culture instead of looking to within for the remedy to her issues.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 just wrapped up and did just fine without Kelly as a cast member. Heather Dubrow was welcomed back with open arms after a few years of a hiatus and production cast two new faces Noella Bergener and Jen Armstrong. Overall Kelly was not missed by viewers who were happy not to have the drama that she used to bring to the table.

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