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Keanu Reeves is Considering Directing the Film Adaptation of His BRZRKR Comic

We’ve known since last year that Netflix was making a live-action film adaptation of BRZRKR, the comic book series Keanu Reeves co-wrote with Matt Kindt Folklords, Bang. We also knew that Reeves was interested in playing the lead character, a half-god who is compelled to commit violence over the centuries. What we didn’t know until recently, however, is that Reeves is at least a little bit interested in directing the production.

In an interview with Collider, Reeves shared that he received the BRZRKR script from Mattson Tomlin mere days ago, but that he hasn’t had a chance to read it. And while Reeves also told Collider that it was still “early days” to think about a director, he was potentially interested in helming the film himself and that there was a “33%” chance that he’d end up being in the director’s chair, much like he did for 2013’s Man of Tai Chi, a project where he was also heavily involved in the writing process.

“I know how it’s a lot of work, but when the film that I directed, Man of Tai Chi, was born, I became the director because I was part of the writing process, and I didn’t want to hand it over,” Reeves told Collider. “I was like, oh, okay. I have to direct this. I’m not quite there yet on BRZRKR. I have to read the script, but I’m also interested in having a collaborator and what they could bring to it.”So you’re saying there’s a chance, Keanu? A less than 50/50 chance, granted, but a chance nonetheless!

The live-action film isn’t the only project Netflix is making in the BRZRKR universe the streamer is also backing an anime spinoff for at least two seasons, which Reeves is reportedly also lending his voice to in addition to producing.No news yet on when either of these projects will make their way to our televisions, but with a completed script and Reeves fully on board for both projects, here’s to hoping we’ll see them on-screen sooner rather than later.


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