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Katie Cassidy Reacts To Green Arrow and the Canaries Cancellation

In a new interview former star of Arrow Katie Cassidy reflects on the cancellation of the canary themed spinoff Green Arrow and the Canaries and her time on the show itself. Arrow premiered on The CW in October 2012 and went on to become one of the networks most popular shows also managing to create an entire shared universe of DC superheroes dubbed the Arrowverse. After eight seasons the show finally concluded in January 2020 right after the explosive events of another crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths.Cassidy portrayed Queens original love interest Laurel Lance in Arrow who went on to join his team of vigilantes as the Black Canary. However after she was killed off in the shows fourth season the actress portrayed an alternate universe version of Laurel initially being known as Black Siren. The actress was set to appear in the spinoff Green Arrow and the Canaries but it was announced at the beginning of 2021 that the show would not be moving forward on The CW. The series was even considered for an HBO Max release which also didnt happen.

In the interview with Comic Book Movie the actress commented on how she reacted when Green Arrow and the Canaries didnt get picked up and whether or not her time in the Arrowverse was up. Specifically Cassidy explained that she enjoyed her years on the show immensely but wanted to go on and pursue new ventures such as directing projects as well as writing. Furthermore she also emphasized that she was not against Green Arrow and the Canaries getting picked up but still wanted to explore new ideas outside of the superhero genre.As Cassidy pointed out herself the superhero genre has been extremely prevalent in all types of media for the past decade. Not only has the Arrowverse been extremely popular over the years but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been increasing in popularity alongside it as well. Many reports from fellow actors directors and even audiences from recent times have commented on this issue wishing to move on to another topic within todays media. The Arrowverse has also drastically grown since Arrow came on the air with The CW currently working on several shows set in the universe.

With this recent information from Cassidy herself it seems that Green Arrow and the Canaries may not have had much of a chance moving forward on the network after all on top of the pandemic. Furthermore while shes finished with the Arrowverse its clear that the actress career is far from over with her various upcoming impressive projects. With this cancellation on top of other recent shows in the Arrowverse could it be that Arrows legacy is coming to an end?

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