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Justin Bieber’s ‘I Feel Funny’ Isn’t

Justin Biebers new release I Feel Funny is technically a video for what could broadly be considered music—its a quick thing he and Lyrical Lemonade mastermind Cole Bennett slapped together between takes on another collaborative project the upcoming video for his song Honest. You might even call Funny an ad for that song shots in the video preview Honest setups. But above all else I Feel Funny is content which means it has little responsibility beyond its own existence. Its like one of those obvious tweets that go like Sometimes I get scared of the dark or I gave away my seat on the subway to an old person this morning or Skincare tip water that are so banal that their virality seems inexplicable until you realize that the banality in fact explains everything. Funny is just a quick cute thing to take up 90 seconds of your life an amount of time many of us are fortunate enough to have to spare? I watched it twice. What a privilege.

In it Bieber bops around a video set wearing a DayGlo orange ski mask while a barely there beat with matching vocals more recited than rapped plays. This shit diceyYou entice meWhats your sign?Im a PiscesPlease dont spite mePlease no fighting it goes in part. I Feel Funny is marked by a lack of effort. Its just jokes—and theyre on you if you take it too seriously. We shot this in about 15 minutes hope you enjoyed it reads an onscreen message toward the clips end as Bieber does the cabbage patch.

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