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‘Jurassic World Dominion’ website tracks dinosaurs living their best lives across the globe

Ever wonder about the more mundane side of what would happen if dinosaurs were unleashed into present day society? The creators and/or marketers of Jurassic World Dominion sure did and as a result they cooked up the Department of Prehistoric Wildlife DPW a fictional organization that tracks dinosaur encounters across the globe. You can now see the fruits of their efforts via a new website dinotracker.com that includes sightings of dinosaurs from South Korea to Costa Rica. It turns out that dinosaurs in Jurassic World Dominion are roaming around the U.S. and beyond and folks whove had runins with them such as a Maine mountain biker running into a stegosaurus or a family catching a baryonyx lazing by a pool are submitting their videos to the DPW. The site also gives guidance to those looking for information on what to do if they have their own dino encounter. Oh and they strongly recommend that you do not keep a dino as a pet which seems like sage advice.

Dinosaurs living and hunting among humans is the new world order in Jurassic World Dominion which takes place four years after the previous Jurassic World film Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. At the end of that movie dinosaurs were freed from their locked cages and started living sidebyside with humans and presumably sometimes eating them. Which brings us back to the Dinotracker the website is fun to browse and includes several short videos and photos of dinosaurs interacting with humans in our contemporary world. Its also a great way to get into the proper headspace for the upcoming film which has the stars of the Jurassic World movies Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard teaming up with the OG Jurassic Park trio Jeff Goldblum Laura Dern and Sam ONeill to save the velociraptor Blues baby among other dinotastic things.

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