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Jojos Part 9 Release Date Is This Series Coming in 2022!

Its been nearly three decades since Jojos Bizarre Adventures first appeared making it one of the most beloved manga and anime series in the world. Anime fans and weebs alike already know about it. Now that Jojo Anime has been around for a while new episodes featuring a different protagonist have been released and you can catch the most recent episode Jojo Stone Ocean which aired on January 8 on a popular streaming site in your country. Hes recently turned 61 years old but Hirohiko Araki isnt showing any signs of slowing down new comments are causing a commotion online! Is Jojo Part 9 on the horizon Why not have a look Jojos Part 9 What About The Title.

Jojo Part 9 is titled JOJO LANDS. Because it is still in the early phases we will have more information about it in the future but for now we just have the title and a few other things. Fans have given all of the information they know regarding the ninth installment and while it is still in the early stages of development it is hoped that we will hear more about it in the coming months. The world of JoJos Bizarre Adventure is a combination of the actual world and the otherworldly. Stand a martial arts technique that enables its user to focus bodily energy into the sunlight through regulated breathing can be a substantial energy source in this situation.

Another significant energy source is Hamon a martial arts technique. Separate stories and characters tell distinct aspects of JoJos Bizarre Adventure. They all have a star-shaped birthmark on their left shoulder blade and go by the nickname Jojo because they are all descended from the Joestar family. A generational conflict stemming from Jonathan Joestar vs. Dio Brandos rivalry drives the first six parts of the series while the final two parts are set in another universe with a drastically altered Joestar family tree. As you all know about the previous chapter plot So here I explain only 8 part story.

JoJolion is featured in the eighth and final chapter. One hundred and one-ninth chapter There are strange faults known as the Wall Eyes that appear in the village of Morioh in 2012 set in the same universe as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. As a college student Yasuho Hirose finds a young guy trapped in the rubble and nicknames him Josuke after the Japanese word for friend. Even as he struggles with his own forgetfulness Josuke must contend with the actions of an organized crime group selling the fruit of an exotic tree known as a Locasuca that may heal those who eat it while also taking something in return.

Part 9 of the series provisionally dubbed JOJOLANDS will commence following a short break Araki stated in the September 2021 issue of Ultra Jump. Jojos Part 9 Release Date According to Internal Sources and as per our research Jojo Part 9 is expected to release in May 2022. Unfortunately no release date has been set for the ninth installment of JoJos Bizarre Adventure manga series. Hopefully this will change soon. The original post on the other hand stated that the new will be released after a short hiatus between Part 8 and Part 9. More information on part 9 is expected to be revealed in early January 2022 according to the latest information available at the time of writing. This is due to the fact that the mangas 35th anniversary falls on January 1st and the Stone Ocean television series premieres in Japan on January 8th. In a similar vein no information has been released about the main protagonist supporting characters or setting.

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