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JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Announces Part 2 Release Date

Many fans of the Joe stars were disappointed when it was announced that the second part of JoJos Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean would be arriving in the fall of this year meaning it would be close to a year in between the different sections of Part Six of the anime adaptation. Now however it seems that a release date might have hit the net that some might see as good news when it comes to how much longer fans will have to wait to return to the adventure of Jolyne Cujoh and her attempt to both clear her name and save her father.

When last we left Jolyne she was nearly killed in her battle against the priest known as Pucci the current main antagonist of the series who harbors a Stand called White snake that has the ability to steal both Stand powers and memories. Luckily for Cujoh she was saved thanks to the wild abilities of Weather Report and his Stand of the same name as his power over the weather also gave him the unbelievable ability to unleash a torrent of poisonous frogs from the sky. With the upcoming second part of the anime adaptation set to unleash even more insanity on the world the rumored release date means fans might not be waiting for as long as they think.

Twitter Outlet Sugoi Lite stated that the series is set to return to Netflix on September 1st introducing viewers to plenty of new Enemy Stands as Jolyne attempts to unravel the mystery behind the plot that was enacted by Dio Brando from beyond the grave. If you thought the first episodes of Stone Ocean were wild you have not seen anything yet as the remaining episodes will become unbelievable not just with the Stands that are introduced but also with the incomprehensible origin stories of Pucci and Weather Report. Considering how much material is left to adapt from the pages of the manga its safe to say that well receive a part 3 of Stone Ocean in the future if not a part 4.

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