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Jojos Bizarre Adventure Shatters the Fourth Wall In New Spinoff Chapter

The Jojos Bizarre Adventure character Rohan Kishibe often lingers by the fourth wall but his latest stunt breaks it to address the reader directly. Long running manga series Jojos Bizarre Adventure has had its share of gags leaning on the fourth wall over the years but its only in the most recent chapter of spinoff series Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe that series creator Hirohiko Araki smashed through it entirely.

The character of Rohan Kishibe is a fairly popular one amongst the Jojo fandom in part because this in universe manga creator has become Arakis author avatar. Rohans series revolves around standalone stories with strange monsters often being recounted after the fact in a way that causes the reader to question how much of the story is actually trueespecially since hes usually telling these stories to convince someone to do something for him. The chapters are often similar to internet creepypastas brief horror tales and urban legends with no clear origin enhanced by Arakis detailed and stylized artwork. A few chapters have even been adapted to anime form and are currently streaming on Netflix while a liveaction Japanese show is also in production. While some fans have wondered why Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe has no ending thats because new chapters are still releasing sporadically.

Jojos Bizarre Adventures Rohan Kishibe Spinoff Gets English Release

This latest chapter which has been revealed as a twopart story opens with Rohan working on his manga when his editor pays him a visit and finds hes crying. She asks why and he explains that a previous event which he refers to as episode 11 has been weighing on him heavily. Episode 11 saw him speaking to a respectable person about heavy topics like global warming but laments that the discussion brought him only despair. Rohan cryptically states that hed keep these events secret if he could but thats simply impossible thus anyone who reads further should be prepared for a downer ending.

While its initially pretty clear that Rohan is speaking to his editor as soon as he mentions chapter 11 he turns away from her and faces the reader in every subsequent panel where he appears. Its still pretty ambiguous at that point as it seems hes just looking out the window but the editor is missing from the next page and his very particular use of the phrase reading on only really makes sense as a meta fictional comment. Theres also the fact that this is the 11th chapter of Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe tying Rohans experience to this particular chapter of his manga.

A warning about the storys content from Rohan already feels a bit like a direct address from Araki due to his relationship with the character but these details push it out of the realm of plausible deniability to a straight up breaking of the fourth wall. The rest of the chapter is a bit confusing following a new woman whos seemingly having an affair and terrified of being caught. The only unusual event of the chapter is her sighting of a spiky boar monster which disappears when she stops her car and has not been elaborated on in any way. The story does  not match up with what Rohan described particularly since he hasnt been involved at all so far as we know the womans lover speaks but isnt shown. Whatever prompted this fourth wall breaking edition of Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe is just going to have to wait for the conclusions release next month giving fans plenty of time to speculate on just how meta Rohan and Jojos Bizarre Adventure in general can get.

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