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John Cena Was Not Proud Of One Of His WWE Studios Performances

WWE and Hollywood star John Cena sat down with In the Envelope The Actors Podcast to talk about his evergrowing acting career and how his pro wrestling career has contributed to that success. In particular though Cena was asked about the transition from being a fulltime pro wrestler to a fulltime actor and he admitted the transition was difficult.

There sure was and that was a lot of failures and a lot of stuff that people didnt want to see Cena said. Once again Im not professionally qualified. I have a street sense or guerilla training in everything that comes to marketing and promotion and branding performing in front of a live audience and acting. All of my education is from people I can learn from not in a formal classroom and not because I chose it as a career path at a young age. I just kind of learned as I go. And those curves are harsh sometimes and there are a lot of failures there. But if you can just hang around and learn from every mistake you get better. I wasnt selfaware enough to realize that I was doing what I was doing with the character in WWE.

I was just familiar with it it was comfortable for me. So because it was comfortable and because the audience knew me I knew the boundaries of chances I could take. And I would test those. I would keep reaching farther and farther. But I couldnt conceptualize the shift to television and screen.
John Cena then discussed how he found his comfort zone which he credited coming from portraying parodies of himself or being on shows with an audience. He also credited not being afraid to fail saying there is no shame in getting feedback or in making a mistake.

Where I found my comfort zone was parodying myself like in the Fred movies and being on shows with an audience Cena said. Doing the monologue for the ESPYs being the cohost on The Today Show anything. Even in front of a small studio audience because even a small studio audience was a chance to work a room.
But I could do it in the Clark Kent version of the Superman John Cena character. And it became different and I became a little more confident.

And I think everyone has their own process and no one of them is wrong. But for me I think the greatest strides Ive taken have been be confident in your abilities. You have had the chance to say no to this one time and you said yes so you are committed. Be confident in the people around you because theyre there for a reason. And trust in them that they dont want to do bad because very few of us want to get into something to do bad at it. So if you lean on the folks around you and you can learn from the folks around you and youre confident in yourself. If I make a mistake on set which I often do I dont feel shame at all.

I expect people to give me the right feedback like this sucked or Im looking for more like this. Im okay hearing that because no one sees the one that sucks. Everyone sees the good one or the one they feel is the best the most passable one. But that takes guts because I have to fail in front of my crew I have to fail in front of three cameras I have to maybe waste some time or take some more time.

I have to fail in front of my castmates and all the people behind the camera. But Im not afraid to do that because Im just searching for that one gem thats going to be there. So many things from the WWE have helped me. That was the one thing that hurt me being comfortable in one character. But so many things have helped.
Talking about his WWE career John Cena referred to wrestling as a giving business and how so much depends on the work of your opponents and the fans themselves. He credited his wrestling career as also helping give him the confidence to dive into acting projects full speed ahead.

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