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John Cena Reacts To Thor 4 Trailer Popularity With Peacemaker Joke

John Cena reacts to the popularity of Thor Love and Thunders trailer with a Peacemaker joke. The WWE wrestler turned actor first starred as the DC character in James Gunns 2021 film The Suicide Squad as one of the many misfits part of Task Force X sent to Corto Maltese to destroy Project Starfish. Though Cenas chrome domed vigilante is seemingly killed by Bloodsport during the mission a post credits scene revealed he was still alive directly setting up Peacemakers HBO Max spinoff in which he is tasked with a new mission dubbed Project Butterfly. The Peacemaker series turned out to be a hit quickly receiving a season 2 renewal.

Earlier this week Marvel Studios finally unveiled the trailer for Thor Love and Thunder. The biggest takeaways from the trailer were the return of Chris Hemsworth as Thor alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy. Though Christian Bales villain Gorr the God Butcher was not glimpsed Natalie Portmans Jane Foster was shown wielding Mjolnir as the Mighty Thor during the trailers final moments. Like many MCU trailers Love and Thunders was released to much fanfare racking up over 200 million views in its first 24 hours the fourth most watched trailer within that timeframe.Now John Cena is reacting to Love and Thunders trailer with a Peacemaker reference. In a tweet the actor playfully suggests that the trailers popularity may be owed to the slick looking chrome helmet that Jane Foster is seen wearing as the Mighty Thor which now that Cena has pointed it out is slightly reminiscent of Peacemakers own reflective headpiece. See his post below

Gunn the mind behind Guardians of the Galaxy The Suicide Squad and the Peacemaker spinoff replied to Cenas post and agreed with him writing True true. Very observant John. In his post Cena also joked about a potential DC and Marvel crossover between Peacemaker and Jane Fosters Mighty Thor. Though a crossover chrome helmet showdown would certainly be something to see Cena better be careful what he wishes for as his superpower less Peacemaker wouldnt stand a chance against the Mjolnir wielding goddess that is the Mighty Thor.Gunns reply is notable considering how the Guardians of the Galaxy who the director elevated to immense popularity with his 2014 and 2017 MCU films play a prominent role in the Love and Thunder trailer. Though Cena hilariously attributes its popularity to a minor similarity with his DC character Peacemaker. In fact Gunn even acted as a consultant to writer director Taika Waititi on Thor Love and Thunder. The film is due out this summer on July 8.

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