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Joe Jonas Sophie Turners astrological compatibility is Burnin Up with love

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner These two love bugs were meant for one another. The 420 buzz: What kind of stoner are you based on your zodiac sign Miley Cyrus birth chart: The sexy wrecking ball is the life of the party Which 90 Day Fiancé cast member are you based on your zodiac sign Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitzs zodiac signs equal sexual chemistry Its always so fascinating to see which celebrities couple up — because sometimes it leaves you scratching your head.

Joe Jonas 32 who catapulted to stardom alongside his bros as teen heartthrob musicians the Jonas Brothers has found a way to not only showcase his talent but also present a seemingly authentic version of himself in the public eye. Then theres Sophie Turner 26 who appeared in Game of Thrones as the coming of age queen Sansa Stark eventually rising up to conquer the series as the Queen of the North. Id always been familiar with their professional work — and when hearing the two were making their way to the altar as well as welcoming first child Willa and now a potential second baby — I decided it was finally time to take a peek beneath the charming and fun exterior that the two have presented before the world.

One of my favorite viral pop culture moments ever was when the two flipped off the paparazzi sporting binoculars while getting their drink on — TBH relatable. So what makes their relationship click Join me as we take a deep dive into their love story because Im a pop culture astrologer and thats just what I do! Joe Jonas Sophie Turner awards show Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have adorable chemistry. Sipa USA via AP Joe Jonas birth chart shows hes a legitimate gentleman Jonas was born on Aug. 15 1989. This makes him a fiery Leo sun with an intellectual Aquarius moon. Jonas was born on a full moon meaning that he goes big and loves to be in the spotlight duh. His birth time is extremely questionable as it is listed online so lets focus on the major placements and aspects that I know are legit.

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First off I can see that his chart is predominantly earth and water elemental energy with air being the third up. When breaking down his chart we see that he is strong sturdy and persistent — ready and willing to be the rock that anyone needs in his life. He craves results and loves to make them happen and in all honesty he likely revels in being the provider as much as he can.

This sort of energy is less flashy than other celebrities though because with the way his natal Mars the planet of energy links beautifully with his natal Saturn the planet of strength I can see that hes ultimately very organized controlled and purposeful in all that he does. Hes certainly confident and enjoys self expression but not in an irrational or overly theatrical way. His natal Saturn is also united in the same place as his Neptune which is a very rare aspect because it shows that his practicality is in perfect alignment with his imagination helping him to be grounded in the ways he pursues his visionary creativity.

While some of this may seem like hes daddy energy and a bit serious — that is not necessarily the case though. With his natal Jupiter the planet of expansion linked in an opposition with his natal Uranus the planet of freedom we also see that he is immensely optimistic inventive and excitable. What a cool cat. TBH: This is a guy I would totally be down to marry.

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